How to Conduct a Lighting Audit

How to Conduct a Lighting Audit hdr

Know Yourself (and your lights): The Secrets to the Perfect Lighting Audit So you’ve decided the lights in your building or business need help. There could be lots of reasons why.   Maybe you want to reduce your energy bill. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to improve the customer experience. It could be the lights…

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Servicing a Building, Helping a Community

101 Warren blog post

Servicing a Building, Helping a Community: FSG and 101 Warren Street, NYC At 4:30 p.m. on a Friday afternoon, the building management at 101 Warren Street in New York City knew they had a problem. A white cloud was pouring out of a manhole inside a parking structure within the building. Beneath that manhole, they…

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Skilled Trades: A Key Component of Our Infrastructure

Skilled Trades

Without skilled tradespeople, this country–and the whole world–would crash to a halt. As this country continues to grow, we need skilled tradesmen and women to help build and repair the buildings, highways, and bridges that will allow businesses and towns to keep running. Hundreds of thousands of young people are making their way to skilled…

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