Photophobia & Light Sensitivity in Children

A grayscale photo of a boy holding a light close to his eyes.

Light Sensitivity Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Migraines, concussions, and other physical ailments can be difficult to deal with, and if your child suffers from photophobia — discomfort or pain the eyes as a result of exposure to light — they can be particularly debilitating. A whopping 80% of the population suffers from photophobia, as reported…

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Brilliant Classrooms: 5 School Lighting Case Studies

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Five School Lighting Retrofit Case Studies & Their Results All across the country, bells are ringing on school campuses. Students, teachers, and staff have returned from their summer hibernation to once again take up residence at America’s educational institutions.  Just as kids begin to contemplate the year ahead, administrators and board members return to their age-old…

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