Commercial Lighting 101: What is a Foot-Candle?

Foot Candle blog

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Foot Candles But Were Afraid to Ask Let’s start with the definition… What is a “foot candle”?  A foot-candle (or foot-candle, fc, lm/ft2, or ft-c) is a measurement of light intensity. One foot-candle is defined as enough light to saturate a one-foot square with one lumen of light.…

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How Co-op Purchasing Helps Schools & Government Agencies

co-op purchasing

Co-op Power: How purchasing through co-ops benefits you It’s as simple as supply and demand, as easy as any other order, and as smart as you can be with your facilities budget. It’s a co-op purchasing agreement, and it’s here to help your organization thrive. What is a Co-op? A Co-op or Cooperative Purchasing Program allows municipalities,…

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