6 Tips to Running a Remote Business in 2020

Running a Remote Business tips

The events of the past few weeks are essentially unique in the history of the modern world. This crisis has completely changed the way we live — although we know things will get back to a new normal.  Still, as we adapt to this new normal, we all have to continue to work efficiently. Schools,…

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How a National Partnership is Creating Scalability, Transparency, and Consistency

New York national accounts

National construction and lighting projects are often complicated and confusing.  A business or organization typically must contract with multiple vendors across the country to get the right products and services at every location under construction. Each vendor in each location must then work with their own distributors to get the necessary inventory. Each distributor, in…

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Is Your Business Ready for Daylight Saving Time 2020?

Daylight Savings 2020 header

On Sunday, March 8th, daylight savings time begins here in the United States. We’ll “spring forward” one hour in a ritual that’s been happening in this country for more than a century. What Does Daylight Savings Mean for Your Business? The intended outcome of switching to daylight savings is to lower demand for energy. By…

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