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A Job Done Well is a Job Delivered Well

For JE Dunn Construction, finding the right electrical construction contractor is one of the most critical steps in making sure jobs come in on budget and on time. After all, the electrical contractor is one of the few subs on a job site that sticks with a project from the early  groundwork all the way through to the final finish out. This means that the right electrical contractor isn’t only good at the electrical trade, but also good at managing their time, budgets, and expectations. So how does JE Dunn select an electrical contractor that is going to be able to not only do the job, but also deliver the job in a high quality manner, consistently?

Marty Corrado, General Superintendent for JE Dunn, knows the answer is simple: FSG.

Marty’s work with JE Dunn centers largely around construction in the healthcare sector. These projects require not only the highest quality work, but also the least amount of disruption caused to existing buildings and services on-site. When working with a hospital or medical professional building, simply shutting down normal operations is out of the question. Marty relies on the latest construction techniques like  well-executed prefab and packaging work to get things put together the right way, while leaving the lights on for the rest of the site.

FSG believes this kind of work revolves around the answers to two questions: what do you need, and how can we best deliver?

“Working with FSG,” Marty says, “I know that so many things that are normally headaches aren’t going to be headaches with them. I can’t put into words how much that means to me as a General Superintendent.”

“You don’t have to convince FSG that prefab is a good thing. They get it right out of the gate,” Marty goes on.

“Their culture is: ‘Tell us what you want, and we’ll figure it out.’”

Whether it’s the design phase, prefab construction phase, or actually placing two additional floors on top of an existing three-story hospital building, Marty says that FSG always seeks out exactly what a customer or general contractor needs. It’s then our job to deliver the end result as seamlessly as possible.

We know that working with a general contractor isn’t only about making sure the customer ends up with a great building or site. Protecting the reputation of the general contractor is of the highest importance, as well. Keeping a customer’s lights on–and the smoke alarms off–is all part of the same puzzle when using prefab to add on to an existing building.

As a veteran of the construction industry, Marty knows that all good subcontractors have this same goal in mind. What is it in his mind, though, that separates FSG from the rest?

“Their work ethic and their professionalism.”

A job done well is only really done well when that sense of professionalism runs through the entire project. For more than 35 years, FSG has been instilling that sense of professional pride in everyone who wears our name.

When JE Dunn works with FSG and completes a construction project seamlessly and on budget, Marty just isn’t surprised anymore.

“FSG is going to get the job done. I can tell you that because they’ve done it for me time and time again.”

Taking care of your needs is the hallmark of a job well done, and it’s the only thing FSG really cares about.

For more than 35 years, FSG has helped GCs like JE Dunn and project managers like Marty get the electrical construction work they need done while managing budgets, meeting deadlines, and exceeding expectations.

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