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Why Now is a Great Time to Become an Electrician

There has Never Been a Better Time to Start a Career as an Electrician

Electricians Wanted

Across the country, new construction projects are beginning every day.  Groundbreaking ceremonies are in the local news, with local politicians, developers, and construction project leaders holding shovels, wearing hard hats, and smiling for the camera.

But new constructions projects are only part of the action.  Retrofits, renovations, and upgrades of all sorts are bringing older buildings into the 21st Century. Finish-outs for new tenants are being completed as businesses move, build, and expand.

In short, it’s a great time to be in the electrical construction industry. The demand for workers and the salaries those workers receive are both higher now than at any point in the last decade. Each year, some $1.3 Trillion in buildings and facilities are constructed around the country.

And yet, there’s a problem...

The number of available jobs for electricians has grown faster than the number of electricians at work today. This means that at many construction sites work has slowed to a crawl, or stopped completely. Glistening new buildings and fancy renovations are having to wait their turn to get access to electricians and other construction workers.

A Blessing in the Form of an Opportunity

That might sound like bad news, but really, it’s an amazing opportunity. Right now, apprentice electricians (those who are new to the job and still working on their license) can expect to earn more than $40,000 a year.

Journeymen electricians (fully-licensed and more experienced) earn around $55,000 a year. Master electricians can expect much higher salaries.

As a Top 20 Electrical Contractor in the United States, FSG knows how great the demand is for talented, dedicated electricians. We also know how rewarding electrical work is. That’s why we have established two different paths for those looking to join the trade. Those looking to join the trade can choose the path that best fits their situation.

Earn While You Learn

We’ve partnered with Greenlee to bring their Green Apple Labs to FSG branches. In these labs, men and women will learn the skills necessary to become electricians who can get work started again at construction sites all around the country. 

Several FSG/Greenlee labs are already open around the country. From San Antonio to Chicago, Southern California to New York City, hundreds of eager apprentices are beginning their journey in their new careers. Beyond those physical locations (and others), we are also welcoming dozens of students through video distance learning.

As they train and learn, participants in our Electrical Apprentice program earn a fair wage and work under the leadership of industry veterans. Once they have completed the program, our students will walk out of the lab and right into field work, with no student debt.

Learn by Doing

We have also teamed with Propel Career Academy to connect great people with a fantastic opportunity to succeed in the electrical trade.

Graduates of the Propel program have immediate opportunities to work on some of the most exciting projects being done anywhere in the world.

That means that, unlike other vocational training programs, you’ll finish your time at Propel with industry connections and core education in place and ready to support you as you begin your career as an electrician.  

Propel Career Academy is focused on the long-term goals of its students. The program at Propel doesn’t just train students to do one job forever.  Graduates of the Propel Career Academy are set to enjoy new and exciting opportunities in the electrical trade for the rest of their working life! 

But it all starts with a decision to put in the time and effort involved in learning a skilled trade. That can prove to be challenging at times, but everyone who has completed the training understands that education is what sets them apart, and that hard work is what makes them – and their families – proud.

A lot of training programs offer the skills, but don’t give you the actual hands-on experience you need to be competitive on the job site.  Propel is different.  Propel provides skills training and in-field experience at the same time, so you are ready to go to work the day after you graduate.

Most importantly, the Propel Career Academy offers training and testing services in a first-class environment with top tools and teachers on a schedule that keeps you working while you earn your certifications.  You will be challenged, but you will be supported by the team at Propel Career Academy.

Others have done it, and you can, too!  As they train and learn, participants in our Electrical Apprentice program earn a fair wage and work under the leadership of industry veterans. Once they have completed the program, our students walk out of the lab and right into fieldwork.

An Education, Now

One of the many advantages to choosing a career as an electrician is that you can get your education and get to work earning a great living very quickly.

As a skilled trade, most electrician positions do not require a college degree. This is great news for those of us who choose not to pursue a traditional college education. With FSG and Propel Career Academy, you can earn while you learn and complete the program and get to work, providing for yourself and your loved ones.

We Want Veterans

Because of the highly technical nature of so many military careers, the FSG Electrical Apprentice program is a great choice for veterans transitioning from active duty to civilian life.

Depending on the training you received and the work you did in uniform, you could be eligible to receive credits towards completing the Electrical Apprentice program. This will get you in the field and earning extra money even faster.

If you are a veteran who is interested in learning more about our Veterans Apprentice Program, visit our website.

Industry Partners Needed

FSG couldn’t provide this Electrical Apprentice program without the help and support of partners like Greenlee, Graybar, NCCER, Hard Hat Heroes, SkillsUSA, and more. But we still need more help from industry partners.

We need partners who can provide some of the following equipment:

  • Tools (hand tools)
  • Materials
  • Aerial equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Vehicles

If your business would like to partner with FSG to help us grow these training programs, please contact us here.

So How About You? Do You Want to Become an Electrician?

Do any of these statements sound like you?

  • If you like working with your hands, become an electrician.
  • If you like building and improving things, become an electrician.
  • If you want to go straight from the classroom to the job site, become an electrician.
  • If you want to work now instead of going to college, become an electrician.
  • If you want a good wage, an exciting job, and a rewarding career, become an electrician.

These are just a few of the reasons why a career in the electrical trades might make perfect sense for you. FSG and Propel Career Academy are excited to offer a full program of courses designed to guide people through the process of becoming licensed electricians.  

Are you looking for a job that will take you out of the ordinary, that will give you the chance to do something unique every day? Do you want great compensation, but also a culture of safety, fun, and helpfulness

If you always thought being an electrician just meant tightening wire nuts, or connecting circuits, think again. For electricians working at FSG, their jobs are hardly ever the same from one day to the next. Electricians at FSG work in the biggest cities, on the tallest structures, installing, repairing, and maintaining complex and exciting technologies. 

Whether you’re an experienced journeyman, or someone looking to start something completely new, FSG and Propel Career Academy has a path that’s right for you. Visit our Careers page today to learn how an electrical career can not only be exciting, but it just might change the life of you and your entire family.

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