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EV Charging
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Longpoint Realty Partners
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Wallbox Level 2 Chargers Installed

581 Main Street – Longpoint Realty Partners Woodbridge, NJ

Case Study
FSG Installs EV Charging Station in a Customer's Parking Lot


Longpoint Realty Partners has a longstanding partnership with FSG, collaborating on energy efficiency initiatives and lighting retrofits across multiple sites. In the past, FSG successfully executed interior and exterior lighting upgrades for one of their notable locations, 581 Main Street in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The current tenant at this site, Plymouth Rock Assurance, approached Longpoint Realty Partners for help when they needed an electric vehicle charging solution during work hours. Longpoint promptly engaged their trusted partner, FSG.


As an all-inclusive EV charging solutions provider, FSG offers comprehensive expertise. With substantial industry relationships and skilled electricians, we offer top-notch expertise and comprehensive solutions for EV charging needs. FSG installed Level 2 Wallbox chargers that were stocked at their New Jersey Distribution Center and partnered with AmpUp to provide software for the chargers. Level 2 charging stations usually run on 208V service and can charge a vehicle in 2-6 hours. These are the most common options for commercial facilities.


The project was completed in 1 week. This included material delivery, installation, and masonry work. Now that installation is complete and the parking spaces are marked, there is room for four electric vehicles to charge simultaneously. As demand grows at the property, there are plans to discuss and install more chargers. FSG will be ready when Longpoint Realty Partners is ready to install more chargers.

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