Project Type
Lighting Retrofit
Project Owner
American Airlines Center
Fixtures Replaced
General Contractor
Facility Solutions Group

American Airlines Center Dallas, Texas

Case Study
"Management loves the fact that our visitors' first impression is going to be a very positive one."


The American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, decided to replace aging and substandard lighting in their parking garages. Outfitted with 150W high-pressure sodium and 175W metal halide fixtures, the garages had experienced a significant degradation in lighting performance and reliability. Leroy Juel, master electrician for the AAC, described the current lighting system as a maintenance nightmare. AAC management was looking for new lighting technology that would not only ease the maintenance workload but also provide a better aesthetic for visitors to the venue.


FSG suggested the venue should consider Cree IG-series LED Parking Structure luminaires. Following a trial installation of four luminaires, AAC management was immediately convinced. FSG got to work replacing all the other legacy lighting fixtures in the parking garage facility.


The new LED fixtures provide much more uniform light of significantly higher quality, and the particular fixtures used are designed to avoid a common "cave effect" that can occur with more traditional lighting systems. All work was completed to the customer's satisfaction.

Once the project was complete, Juel praised the new look of the garages, stating "Management loves the fact that our visitors' first impression is going to be a very positive one."

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