AT&T Performing Arts Center Dallas, Texas

Case Study
NEW LED Lighting Upgrades the Experience for Facility Managers and Guests at the AT&T Performing Arts Center


The AT&T Performing Arts Center in the Dallas Arts District features several of the nation’s finest performance venues, including the Winspear Opera House, the Wyly Theatre, Strauss Square, as well as the welcoming public green space Sammons Park. Each of these venues relies on the parking structure attached to the Performing Arts Center. For facility managers, the lighting system in the parking structure was becoming almost impossible to maintain at full capacity, with between one and five fixtures requiring bulb changes every day. Even when the system was operating at full capacity, patrons reported that the experience of parking in the garage at night was less than welcoming, and sometimes even felt unsafe. With a belief that there had to be a better solution, facility management contacted FSG.


Randy West from FSG in Dallas met with management at the AT&T Performing Arts Center to discuss LED lighting retrofit options that would work well for the parking garage. Taking into account the special aesthetic requirements for a top-tier art destination, FSG replaced 300 fixtures across three levels of the structure. Additionally, FSG worked with facility management to ensure the project aligned with and took full advantage of an incentive program offered by Oncor Energy; a bonus that reduced project payback by a full year for the performing arts center.


For the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas, this LED lighting retrofit project has been a great success. In addition to an $800 per month reduction in their energy bill and a generous utility incentive check, facility management reports that their maintenance crews are finally free to focus on other projects now that they are not working on light fixtures every day. Most importantly for this customer, however, visitors to the various art venues report that the new lighting has dramatically improved the experience of coming to the Arts District at night.

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