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Lighting Retrofit
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Electrical Contractor

Darden Nationwide

Case Study
FSG delivered energy savings, interior lighting maintenance, and reduced ongoing lighting costs for national chain restaurant owner


Darden, parent company of Olive Garden and Red Lobster restaurants, decided to replace aging, inefficient, and expensive traditional lighting with new LED lamps. This was part of a wider effort in which Darden partners with its suppliers to create long-term value through innovate approaches to ecosystem conservation and enhancement. Some of the project goals included creating energy savings, maintaining proper interior lighting, and reducing maintenance costs associated with lighting. To help them execute this ambitious lighting project, the company turned to FSG.


To ensure positive results, product testing was first carried out in laboratory environments, then expanded into a 54-location beta test. After early problems with some of the LED lamps were corrected by modifying the product specification, the program was rolled out in 477 locations around the United States.

To confirm the LED lighting delivered the promised energy efficiency, an engineering firm was brought in to conduct pre- and post-installation energy usage tests. Based on those results, it is estimated that Darden has saved more than $2,000,000 per year in energy costs alone. On top of that reduced energy expenditure, the company expects to see a massive reduction in the need for re-lamping. The average rated life of many of the older lamps was only 4,000 hours, while many of the replacement lamps could be expected to last more than ten times as long. Based on the annual usage of these lamps, it is estimated that Darden has avoided the need to purchase approximately 200,000 lamps per year for the 477 retrofitted locations.

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