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Electrical Construction
Electrical Contractor

Disaster Recovery, Hurricane Harvey Corpus Christi, Texas

Case Study
FSG and Stripes have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship over the years. From new electrical construction, to remodels, to service, FSG has provided a number of services and solutions to the Stripes team.


In the highly competitive convenience market, successful brands must be able to minimize overhead while maximizing quality and service. For Stripes, this meant finding the right partners to help keep their facilities on-line come rain or shine! This need was never greater for Stripes than when Hurricane Harvey made landfall in their primary market area along the Texas Gulf Coast.


FSG was able to respond quickly for Stripes by mobilizing generators and manpower to bring all of the affected Stripes locations back on-line. The deep relationship and trust that Stripes had with FSG allowed Strips to simply make the phone call and trust FSG to do the rest. From main service restoration, to electrical and lighting repairs, to signage repairs, FSG had done it all for Stripes before and was ready to help Stripes recover even before the rain had stopped!


In the end, FSG was able to help bring Stripes stores back on-line ahead of most of the other retailers in the affected areas, thus allowing Stripes to provide critical fuel and supplies to the communities that desperately needed it!

FSG projects consistently deliver excellence for our  customers, for our employees, and for the communities we serve.

We see each project as an opportunity to embrace our mission and provide superior value through quality products, service, and support.

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