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DAS Installation
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Airwaves Solutions
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Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Installation Texas Markets

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FSG Brings Latest Training and Equipment for Commercial DAS Projects


For commercial property owners, a persistent, ongoing problem involves building occupants complaining about poor cell phone and wireless data reception indoors. At first, it was easy enough to imagine the problem was with the signal strength delivered by the wireless communications provider. In recent years, however, it has become clear that the reception problems reported by commercial property tenants are largely due to the way modern buildings are constructed, and the fact that most buildings are not equipped to distribute cellular signals indoors.

Increasingly, commercial property owners are looking for solutions that allow them to offer their tenants seamless access to data and cell service within the spaces they lease. Charlotte, North Carolina-based Airwavz Solutions has taken the lead in championing Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) integration for commercial property owners nationwide, and in Texas markets, Airwavz Solutions relies on FSG for quick and professional DAS installation and maintenance work.


Working as the Airwavz Solutions integration partner in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and elsewhere across Texas, FSG is the absolute market leader when it comes to specialized DAS equipment and training. As OEM equipment specifications continue to evolve, FSG stays current with the latest industry requirements to deliver optimal DAS results for commercial facility owners.

An added benefit for DAS customers is that FSG is able to provide a full range of electrical services in support of each DAS installation project. Offering turnkey capabilities, FSG is a single-source provider that can install DAS in-building wireless infrastructure using advanced fiber networks and wireless antenna systems, while also providing all the electrical service required at each new service closet or network head-end room.


DAS installation projects are among the most sought-after building upgrades in the commercial real estate market today. In-building DAS delivers results for facility owners, whose properties are immediately more attractive to tenants. Higher rental and occupancy rates are reported by property owners who invest in DAS projects for their facilities, and it is no surprise that building upgrades and system expansion projects are ongoing across Texas. Working together with Airwavz Solutions, FSG is delivering lasting value to DAS customers with experience and expertise that is unmatched in the industry.

FSG projects consistently deliver excellence for our  customers, for our employees, and for the communities we serve.

We see each project as an opportunity to embrace our mission and provide superior value through quality products, service, and support.

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