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Facility Disinfection
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Fullerton School District

Fullerton School District

Case Study
FSG Provides Proactive Disinfection Solutions for Fullerton School District in California


During the summer of 2020, with another school year just a few short weeks away, the staff of the Fullerton School District in California decided that they needed to improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Having already made considerable investments in PPE for the facilities they maintained, staff members were concerned with the IAQ at a particular Junior High campus that was completely enclosed. With news of the COVID-19 pandemic dominating the headlines, they knew that doing nothing was no longer an option. Knowing that parents, teachers, and students were all looking for answers to the central question of how to keep schools safe during the ongoing public health crisis, the time had arrived for some kind of constructive action. FSD staff members needed someone to help them understand their building disinfection options, and they turned to FSG.


The team at FSG’s Placentia office met with members of the school district staff and explained the various technologies available to disinfect the school and administrative facilities the district maintains. Twice in the summer of 2020, and again at the end of that year, Fullerton School District made the decision to contract with FSG for the delivery and installation of Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionization (NPBI) units to integrate with each facility’s existing HVAC system. The district also took delivery of four (4) 3000-watt UV-C disinfection carts to deploy in buses and empty spaces that see the highest volume of people during normal operating hours.


With each completed project, school district stakeholders began to breathe a little easier. Throughout the Fall semester, Fullerton School District employees, teachers, and students reported fresh air and a renewed sense of control during a season of worry. For school administrators and trustees, the investment in disinfection technology served a dual purpose of providing peace of mind today and providing facility HVAC cost savings into the future. With a number of the Fullerton school facilities utilizing older HVAC equipment, the new NPBI units provided benefits beyond improved IAQ. In combination with properly-sized filters, the NPBI units allowed these legacy systems to meet current MERV standards for filtration efficiency while simultaneously using less energy - a double benefit for Fullerton schools.

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