Contract Amount
$100,000 Plus
Project Type
Electrical Construction
Project Owner
Greyhound Bus Lines
Electrical Contractor


Case Study
Over the years, FSG has partnered with Greyhound on various projects including lighting retrofits, electrical service work, and digital signage installations.


As a national bus lines operator, Greyhound faces a number of challenges related to keeping their fleet, facilities and teams functioning safely and efficiently. To meet this challenge, Greyhound needs vendors they can count on to help them deliver the products and services they need to keep their business running. When it comes to lighting and electrical, Greyhound has turned to FSG on multiple occasions to help them retrofit the lighting in their facilities and keep their electrical systems in top working order.


FSG has performed several lighting retrofits at Greyhound facilities across Greyhounds property portfolio. Other work FSG has done for Greyhound includes: Electrical service repairs and maintenance, low-voltage cabling, and a complete digital signage system in their corporate HQ in Dallas Texas.


FSG's ability to do work across the nation combined with the multiple types of work FSG is able is to do, has proven to be a perfect combination for Greyhound across the nation.

FSG projects consistently deliver excellence for our  customers, for our employees, and for the communities we serve.

We see each project as an opportunity to embrace our mission and provide superior value through quality products, service, and support.

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