Contract Amount
Project Type
Lighting Retrofit
Project Owner
Howdy Honda
Electrical Contractor

Howdy Honda Austin, Texas

Case Study
FSG installed LED lamps and fixtures throughout the Howdy Honda property


Howdy Honda had (250) 1000-watt Metal Halide fixtures lighting their lot. Metal Halide has poor CRI properties and is not ideal for displaying colors. Besides the massive monthly electric bill, the maintenance costs were increasing as the system aged. To reduce costs and improve lighting quality, Howdy Honda selected Facility Solutions Group to conduct an extensive retrofit to LED technology.


FSG installed LED lamps and fixtures throughout the Howdy Honda property. These systems improved energy efficiency, and even provided a payback time of 4 years or less. Maintenance costs for the new LED fixtures were also much less than for the previous lighting systems. Displaying our broad range of capabilities, this was a true turnkey project. FSG handled all phases of the job, from design and procurement, to payback analysis, installation, rebate administration and more.

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