Contract Amount
Project Type
Lighting Retrofit
Project Owner
City of Leesburg
Annaul KwH Reduced
60% Reduction
Electrical Contractor
Misc Info

Additional Benefits
Reduced weight and load on the dome roof structure by 5 lbs per fixture. This was really significant considering the number of fixtures and the dome’s lightweight construction.
Light Increase
40% foot candle increase at the floor.

Ida Lee Recreation Center Leesburg, Virginia

Case Study
When the City of Leesburg wanted to upgrade the existing metal halide lighting in that Ida Lee Park Tennis facility, they trusted FSG to help them find the best solution.


The City of Leesburg wanted to take advantage of the cost saving benefits of LED lighting at the Ida Lee Recreation Center's covered tennis courts. The older lighting was inefficient and inconsistent, with varying degrees of color and lumen output based on the age of the lamps in the individual fixtures. Additionally, the lightweight domed roof structure could only support a certain amount of weight, therefore any new fixtures couldn't weigh anymore than the original fixtures.


FSG relied on it's experience and deep manufacturer relationships to seek out and provide a solution for Leesburg. With a solution identified that would meet the lighting requirments of the space as well as the installation parameters, FSG put together a turn key project that would allow the space to be retrofitted and upgraded with minimal disruption to the daily operation and usage of the tennis courts.


In the end, the city saw a 60% reduction in energy consumption in the upgraded space and a 40% increase in the lighting levels at the floor under the new fixtures. Additionally, the new fixtures weighed 5 lbs less than the old ones, thus lowering the strain and load of the lighting fixtures on the domed roof structure.

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