Contract Amount
Project Type
Lighting Retrofit
Project Owner
Ford Motor Company
Cost Savings
Fixtures Replaced
Annaul KwH Reduced
Electrical Contractor

Large Auto Manufacturer Sharonville, Ohio

Case Study
When a large auto manufacturer needed to retrofit its 2.4 million square foot Sharonville Transmission Assembly Plant, they trusted FSG to get the job done.


When Ford Motor Company announced in 2014 that they were upgrading all of their existing lighting to new more efficient LED lighting, the challenge quickly became how to execute such a large scale project with minimal disruption to production schedules and facility operations. Contractors for this project had to be able to work under tight deadlines and in restrictive environments where production was happening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Add to this the necessity to maintain confidentiality and an adherence to the kind of prudence required with working around high end research and development projects, and it quickly became clear that only a select few contractors would be able to partner with Ford to make this project a reality.


FSG has been working with companies and corporations of all size and scale for more than 35 years. With a proven track record of performance in the most challenging environments, FSG was chosen as one of the few contractors that Ford could partner with to execute this monumental project. In partnership with Ford, FSG worked to procure the right products and develop timelines and procedures that would not only work for Ford, but ultimately help them accomplish the project more efficiently and effectively that originally thought possible.


In the end, FSG was able to complete the project and deliver the results Ford was looking for. Results of this project included: -Better quality lighting -Reduced energy consumption -Reduced maintenance costs -Improved working environment for the more than 1600 employees that work in the facility.

FSG projects consistently deliver excellence for our  customers, for our employees, and for the communities we serve.

We see each project as an opportunity to embrace our mission and provide superior value through quality products, service, and support.

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