Project Type
Lighting Retrofit
Project Owner
National Flight Academy
Energy Firm
Misc Info
  • LaaS Partner: Redaptive

National Flight Academy Pensacola, Florida

Case Study
The National Flight Academy retrofitted traditional T-8 fluorescent to new T-8 LED tubes throughout it’s unique, education focused facility.


When the National Flight Academy wanted to upgrade to LED, they needed help finding the right product- but also finding a way to pay for it.


FSG was able to help the NFA find a product that would work. In addition, FSG’s partnership with Redaptive was able to bring a real cost management solution to the NFA to help defer to the full cost of cost of the project so the non-profit was swamped with a capital expense it couldn’t afford.


The NFA was able to get the LED lighting it wanted without having to spend precious capital funds and was able to defer the cost to the operational category by paying the project back through monthly energy savings on their electric bill.

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