Project Type
Electrical Construction, Custom Lighting
Project Owner
Neiman Marcus
Fixtures Replaced
General Contractor
Rogers-O'Brien Construction
Electrical Contractor
Alamo Architects

Neiman Marcus Ft. Worth, Texas

Case Study
FSG delivers disciplined electrical construction and precision lighting installation for high-end national retailer Neiman Marcus


As one of the anchors for a new upscale development in the heart of Fort Worth, The Shops at ClearFork, Neiman Marcus was determined to put its best foot forward with a sparkling new retail location. The ground-up construction would take 16 months to complete, and Neiman Marcus wanted the finished location to deliver on every expectation for customers of their distinctive brand of luxury retail. The company took a design from Alamo Architects and engaged the services of GC Rogers-O’Brien Construction to oversee the construction of their newest store.

Rogers-O'Brien understood that for this project, the electrical construction work scope - and in particular, execution of the lighting design - would be of extreme importance. With a need for a specific level of professionalism and experience, Rogers-O'Brien selected FSG to complete the electrical and lighting work.


Construction of the two-story, 90,000 square-foot store proceeded according to the exacting plans of the project owner and the architect. Throughout the project, FSG's project management kept the electrical work on point and on schedule.

As the construction phase wound down, the value of FSG's lighting expertise became apparent. The design called for extremely high-end fixtures and finishes to be installed within Level 5-finished drywall ceilings. Expert installation was a must, and execution of the lighting design was largely dependent on FSG's National Accounts Center (NAC) following through on the coordination and provision of 4,500 specialty lighting fixtures. Blending new techniques with time-tested installation methods, FSG's crews employed a network of lasers and string lines to ensure that the distinctive square lighting fixtures stood out for the precision of their placement and that the overall lighting effect supported Neiman Marcus' vision for a one-of-a-kind retail experience.


Visitors to the new Neiman Marcus store at The Shops at ClearFork feel like they are being transported into a perfect world of retail brilliance, with every detail presented according to the very highest standards. Within the store, individual vendor shops for global luxury brands such as Chanel, Gucci, and Prada all sparkle with the types of details that only come from clear communication, proper planning, and bottom line work scope execution. The experience supports the company's brand and delivers on a promise it has always made to those who shop at Neiman Marcus.

This successful construction project speaks to the professionalism of the GC and all project partners who worked to make it a success. For FSG, the job was another opportunity to leverage 40 years of experience in delivering lasting value in support of customer goals. On this project, that experience can be seen in the clean lines and aesthetic impact of the lighting installation within the store. Because Neiman Marcus focuses so strongly on creating a specific impression for customers at its retail locations, experience and a precise eye for detail were FSG's most important deliverables on this project.

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