Project Type
Structured Cabling
Project Owner
Northside ISD

Northside Independent School District San Antonio, Texas

Case Study
FSG Relationship with Northside ISD Ensures Technology Upgrades for District Facilities


Northside ISD in San Antonio is the fourth-largest school district in Texas. Explosive growth in the area has led to a projection that the district will soon move into the #3 spot within the state. With 110 campus locations, the district is responsible for an incredibly large amount of facility maintenance, upgrade, and repair work. When it comes to the technological capabilities of its many schools, Northside ISD knows that it has to partner with a reliable, professional, experienced provider that can match their urgency when maintaining the networking and security requirements of each school, administration building, and district maintenance facility.

To secure that relationship, Northside ISD issued a Moving / Adding / Changing (MAC) Telecommunications Cabling RFP in 2018. When district officials made their final selection, the team at FSG's San Antonio branch, along with their Tero Technologies designers, were awarded the contract.


FSG provides ongoing structured cabling and data networking services all across the district on an ongoing basis. On every job, FSG first conducts site surveys to determine the extent of each project work scope. Then, the team at Tero designs the best solution to match the circumstance at the facility and sets a final work scope in motion. For work on voice, data, video, and security networking systems, FSG's technicians complete each job as if their own children attended the school - and sometimes they do!


FSG and Northside ISD have an excellent ongoing relationship built on mutual trust and earned respect. The district has its hands full managing the needs of so many campuses, with more new facilities coming online regularly as the district continues to expand. With FSG, Northside ISD administrators have a partner that understands their needs, their requirements, and most importantly their ultimate goal. With a shared vision to provide the best educational opportunities available for area students, Northside ISD and FSG have found a way to work toward that goal, together.

FSG projects consistently deliver excellence for our  customers, for our employees, and for the communities we serve.

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