Contract Amount
Project Type
Lighting Retrofit
Project Owner
Musco Lighting
Electrical Contractor

NRG Stadium Houston, Texas

Case Study
When Musco Lighting needed a contractor partner that could help them execute an LED lighting retrofit for one of the NFL's largest venues, they turned to FSG as their partner of choice.


When NRG stadium decided to be one of the first NFL venues to utilize energy saving LED lighting to light their main event field, they chose Musco Sports Lighting as their lighting supplier of choice. The challenge for Musco was finding the right contractor partner that could help design, develop, and execute the project. Due to the nature of this first of it's kind project, uderstanding the technology and being able to adapt quickly to the challenges that new technology brings was going to be a key factor in the success of the project.


FSG has a long history of working with sporting venues of a similar scale. With roots in the original construction of NRG Stadium, as well as more recent electrical system upgrade projects at NRG, FSG had an understanding of the facility that would help Musco put together this state-of-the-art project for Houston's showcase NFL venue. From the demolition of the old fixtures and system to the installation of new raceway and mounting points, and all the way through to the final power-up, FSG was able to deliver a completed project that made the Houston Texans one of the first NFL teams to play under cool, crisp LED lighting.


In the end, NRG stadium was able to realize the energy savings and flexibility the new LED lighting brought to the venue. Best of all, for the coaches, athletes, and football fans everywhere, the instant on/off capability and dramatically improved color rendering provided by new LED lighting brought new life to games and events hosted at NRG Stadium.

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