Contract Amount
Project Type
Lighting Retrofit
Project Owner
Greenwich Marine Terminals LLC
Fixtures Replaced
General Contractor
Facility Solutions Group
Electrical Contractor
Hatzel Buhler

Packer Avenue Marine Terminal Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Case Study
Replacement of twenty four 120 foot poles, 288 light fixtures and lowering devices


Greenwich Marine Terminals wanted to utilize light platforms at their facility to install a variety of IOT electronic equipment. Their existing lighting system included 120 foot poles with 1,000 watt High Pressure Sodium light fixtures and lowering devices that were over 30 years old.


FSG and Holophane designed a replacement lighting system that included 24 new poles, lowering devices and 288 new LED light fixtures. The new lighting platforms are designed to support the new equipment needs, and a special cabling system provides both power and communication to the top of the poles. An Acuity ROAM wireless lighting management system will allow total control of each individual fixture.


Overall lighting load will be reduced over 50%, and advanced lighting controls will provide even more energy savings. Lighting maintenance costs have been slashed, with the new system having 5 times longer life than the old HID system. The new lighting system provides drastically improved color, higher light levels and better uniformity.

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