Contract Amount
Project Type
Lighting Retrofit
Project Owner
Penske Automotive
Fixtures Replaced
Annaul KwH Reduced
Electrical Contractor

Penske Automotive Phoenix, Arizona

Case Study
FSG delivers instant savings for Penske Automotive with comprehensive LED lighting upgrades at each of its Arizona locations


Penske Automotive Group operates over 25 luxury brand automotive dealerships in Arizona. For Dave Smalley, Director of Facilities at Penske Automotive, the costs associated with maintaining and operating inefficient incandescent and fluorescent lighting fixtures at each location he supervised were getting in the way of business goals the auto group had established for itself. Smalley was interested in solutions to his lighting problems, and he reached out to FSG's Phoenix branch for a plan that would deliver impeccable lighting for his showrooms, offices, and mechanic service bays while significantly reducing his annual OPEX energy costs.


FSG immediately got moving on a top to bottom audit of all of the Penske Automotive facilities and identified fixtures that needed to be replaced or retrofitted. Once the audit was complete, a design was developed for each Penske location based on the information gathered in the audit. Keeping a uniform look and feel across the multiple locations was a challenge, but FSG's national distribution network allowed the design team to deliver a consistent, high-quality look to each location.


In the end, individual Penske dealership management, employees, and customers were blown away by the results. The project achieved its primary goal of increasing lighting quality and output while also reducing Penske's annual energy usage by a combined total of over 1,092,662 kilowatt-hours! Additionally, Penske Automotive's lighting maintenance intervals were greatly increased, thus reducing costs associated with lighting maintenance and repair.

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