Project Type
Electrical Construction
Project Owner
Pretzels, Inc.
General Contractor
Electrical Contractor
FSG Kansas City

Pretzels, Inc. Lawrence, Kansas

Case Study
FSG Delivers Turnkey Electrical Construction Services for New-Build Kansas Food Manufacturing Facility


Pretzels, Inc. is a regional snack food manufacturer with two locations in Indiana and a brand new location that just opened in Lawrence, Kansas. For its new Kansas location, the company was reaching across state lines for the first time in an effort to expand its footprint and its influence in the snack food industry.

The company selected a General Contractor to manage the project, but as construction began there was only a preliminary design with a narrative outlining the general parameters and facility functionality required by the owner. It would fall to the selected electrical contractor on this project to complete the detailed design of the facility’s electrical system, its interior and exterior lighting, parking lot lighting, data room specifications, low-voltage wiring plan, and fire alarm system.

Additionally, this new facility would need to be constructed to the highest standards for the manufacturing of food products as detailed in regulations and standards established by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as well as in all state and local food handling guidelines. Pretzels, Inc. and their project GC needed an electrical contractor that could provide a turnkey suite of services, so for this important project they turned to FSG's Kansas City branch.


FSG Kansas City enlisted the engineering expertise of our Dallas branch to assist in the development and design of all electrical functions for this new facility. From a design narrative provided by the owner, FSG’s in-house engineer produced stamped drawings that were utilized for construction. Concurrently, one of FSG’s in-house lighting designers from the Solutions team developed a lighting package that would provide the new Pretzels, Inc. food manufacturing plant with bright, energy-efficient LED lighting, for both the interior and the exterior of the facility. The need for an expert lighting designer was required to ensure adherence to stringent performance characteristics associated with the extreme temperatures and wet conditions within the facility.

FSG’s long experience with electrical construction and its national reach that leverages industry-leading professionals with specific skill sets allowed the company to deliver success on this project. FSG provided a detailed design of the new facility that supported all interior manufacturing equipment, interior and exterior facility lighting, a state-of-the-art Data Room, low-voltage cabling to support real-time communication and monitoring, as well as a fire alarm system that would deliver peace of mind to Pretzels, Inc. management.

With all details of the electrical design for the manufacturing facility finalized, construction began on the new Pretzels, Inc. location in December 2020.


FSG’s professionalism and discipline paid dividends on this important ground-up construction project and allowed the customer to realize its goals in just nine short months. In September 2021, the new LEED-certified, 350,000 square-foot Pretzels, Inc. manufacturing facility opened its doors to begin operations on the first of six dedicated product-run assembly lines. FSG’s service capabilities and its extensive project experience allowed the company to hit every mark on a tight project timeline.

Pretzels, Inc. was thrilled with its new manufacturing facility and was especially happy with the working relationship that grew between the company and the leadership at FSG’s Kansas City branch. With future expansion projects at the new facility already in the planning stages, Pretzels, Inc. is looking forward to continued success with FSG as its electrical services partner.

In the end, the Pretzels, Inc. project is a perfect example of a customer taking full advantage of the full depth and breadth of FSG's service offering. From inception to design, procurement, and construction, FSG performed all of these functions in-house and delivered lasting value to Pretzels, Inc.

FSG projects consistently deliver excellence for our  customers, for our employees, and for the communities we serve.

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