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Redhawk Real Estate
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Redhawk Real Estate Indianapolis, Indiana

Case Study
FSG Provides a Winning Solution for a Commercial Real Estate Customer


In Indianapolis, Indiana, multi-site property owner Redhawk Real Estate had a problem with the exterior lighting at one of the apartment complexes it owned. The ten street lights currently installed along the main thoroughfare through the complex of eight multi-unit, ranch-style apartment buildings were in various states of disrepair and outright failure. The street was illuminated by a combination of weak, failing fixtures and off-the-shelf, undersized solar lights installed atop a number of poles as a stop-gap measure. Facility management reached out to several lighting and electrical contractors looking for help.

In each bid that Redhawk received, the costs associated with directional boring and replacement equipment, along with extended project timelines, did not align with the company’s plans for the property. Hearing nothing but bad news everywhere they turned, Redhawk reached out to FSG.


Brandon Kollar from FSG Indianapolis followed up on a website contact from the customer and set an appointment for a site visit. At the property, Brandon inspected each of the ten street lights currently installed at the complex. With a voltage tester, a measuring tape, and a sketch pad, Brandon created a map of the property that included distances, orientations, and the schedule of specific equipment required to repair the street lights at the complex. After completing his survey, Brandon noted that of the ten poles installed, only five had power, and eight of the junction boxes were either in terrible condition or missing altogether. Four poles were outfitted with solar light fixtures, but all four had faulty photocells and emitted only weak blue light when operational.

During the site visit, the property owner mentioned that Redhawk understood the property needed better lighting, and they knew it would likely be a major project, but that in general the company was focused on maintaining a conservative approach regarding capital improvement projects such as this one.

After talking with the customer, Brandon provided three bids to Redhawk Real Estate. The first two bids addressed alternative approaches to the full work scope for the project, which involved directional boring, new wiring, new junction boxes, and new 150-watt lighting fixtures. However, because the customer was looking for creative solutions, FSG also provided a third bid to simply replace all ten fixtures with commercial-grade solar heads, an option that would streamline both the project budget and timeline. To help illustrate the benefits of a commercial-grade solar solution, Brandon reached out to Nathan Frank in FSG’s Dallas office for an AGI 32 photometric analysis that illustrated the impact new LED street lights would have at the complex.

Making the case for this particular solution, Brandon asked the customer to allow him to run a demonstration test of FSG’s proposed solar lighting option, a 60-watt Solar Photon LED area light from Solas Ray Lighting. FSG returned to the property, installed one sample light, and took photos and videos of the results.

During their next conversation, the customer reported that tenants were contacting him directly to thank him for the new and improved lighting on the "sample" pole. He also approved the purchase and installation of the remaining nine lights.

FSG listened to the customer, understood what was most important to him, and came up with a solution that addressed his particular facility lighting challenge while also supporting his business goals.


For Redhawk Real Estate, the more immediate solution proved to be the best solution to their lighting challenges. The customer decided to go with 60-watt Solar Photon area lighting atop their existing poles, and the results were dramatic and impressive. Tenants were thrilled with the improved visibility and safety of their homes at night, and the property owner was able to improve his investment without breaking his budget or delaying his future plans.

By listening to the customer and truly hearing about the concerns that mattered most to his business, FSG was able to deliver the right solution to a lighting problem quickly, efficiently, and professionally.

Once again, FSG employed a winning team effort that included sales lead follow-up, Brandon’s on-site expertise and follow-through hustle, Nathan’s lighting analysis from Dallas, and FSG’s amazing Service Coordinators and Technicians who got the job done right for the customer in Indianapolis.

FSG projects consistently deliver excellence for our  customers, for our employees, and for the communities we serve.

We see each project as an opportunity to embrace our mission and provide superior value through quality products, service, and support.

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