Contract Amount
Project Type
Lighting Retrofit
Project Owner
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
General Contractor
Constellation Energy
Electrical Contractor
FSG Electric

Salk Institute La Jolla, California

Case Study
FSG Installed LED Lighting in the historic Salk Institute Laboratories and common spaces.


Salk Institute wanted to retrofit its outdated and inefficient lighting without compromising the original architecture of the space or ongoing research work in the space. Founded by, and named for, the inventor of the polio vaccine, Jonas Salk, the institute has counted among its faculty such luminaries as Francis Crick and Leo Szilard. For this historic structure with a striking architectural plan and aesthetic style, a lighting upgrade would be both immensely important and dauntingly difficult which made Facility Solutions Group the ideal choice for the project.


Originally designed around T12 lamps, the institute was keen to retain the original, historic lighting enclosures while also improving energy efficiency and lighting quality. FSG installed LED lamps that fit these requirements perfectly. Beyond the tremendous savings in energy costs, Salk Institute also realized the wonderful advantage of improved quality of light. LED lamps are much less stressful on the eye, and produce a more uniform output, making the research laboratories of the institute safer and more comfortable workspaces. Tim Ball, Senior Director of Facilities for the institute, praised FSG's work, saying, FSG's ability to work with us was phenomenal. No damages

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