Contract Amount
Project Type
Lighting Retrofit
Project Owner
School District of the Chathams
Electrical Contractor
FSG Electric
Energy Firm

School District of the Chathams Chatham New Jersey

Case Study
FSG Performed a full service LED Lighting upgrade


The School District of the Chathams is a regional public school district serving students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade from Chatham Borough and Chatham Township in Morris County, New Jersey. The district's six schools have an enrollment of 4,057 students and 270 classroom teachers. NJ State law allows government agencies to make energy related improvements to their facilities and pay for the costs using the value of energy savings that result from the improvements. The Energy Savings Improvement Program" (ESIP)


provides all government agencies in New Jersey with a flexible tool to improve and reduce energy usage with minimal expenditure of new financial resources. "


FSG was the successful bidder to install efficiency upgrades in 6 schools which included a high school, middle school and 4 elementary schools. The project scope included the supply and installation of LED light fixtures and lamps, lighting controls, plug load controls, vending machine controls, destratification fans and high efficiency transformers.

More Information

Over 7,372 fixtures and 26,264 lamps were changed or upgraded which included interior and exterior lighting. Over 1,200 BERT WiFi plugload controllers were installed, which allowed management of plug loads throughout the facility. Forty six Airius Air Pear destratification fans were used in high ceiling area. Airius fans destratify conditioned spaces within their design ceiling heights where their vertical throw distances are greater than their design ceiling heights. Vending machine controls were used on soda machines. 12 dry type transformers ranging from 15KVA to 500 KVA were replaced with new Powersmith E-Saver transformers.

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