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Energy Efficiency Project
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Sun City
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Sun City Texas Association Georgetown, Texas

Case Study
When Sun City Texas needed to install and integrate HVAC controls across their 5,300 acre community, FSG was there with Clarity


Mac McGuire, Facilities Maintenance Manager of Sun City Texas, had two proprietary EMS systems in place to manage HVAC equipment in eight buildings across the 5,300-acre community. Setting schedules and setpoints in these two systems proved to be cumbersome; therefore, one system was desired to consolidate and manage the equipment and associated information in one location. Also desired was the ability to manage the HVAC equipment remotely from a wireless device (cell phone) on the fly – a feature that was not in place with either of the two installed energy management systems. Recurring maintenance costs associated with the proprietary systems further added to the need to look at other EMS options.


FSG Energy installed its Clarity Energy Management system in the eight building locations specified. 86 wireless thermostats communicated across Sun City’s fiber network displaying information in real time on a centralized dashboard. The Clarity system also gave Sun City the ability to adjust schedules and make setpoint changes from any device with a wireless connection – a major plus with the constant stream of activities the community offers. The system installed is expandable allowing Sun City to add future devices where they see fit.

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