Project Type
Small Cell Construction
Project Owner
General Contractor
Extenet Systems, Inc.

T-Mobile Business District Network Upgrade | Telecom Austin, Texas

Case Study
FSG Delivers Reduced Costs During Downtown Austin Network Expansion


Building in a central business district can be wildly unpredictable. Projects slated for a specific location often end up with utility power sources farther away than anticipated, resulting in high-cost restorations and unforeseen expenses.

This was the circumstance FSG Telecom faced on a small cell network expansion project in Austin's central business district. With the overall project success on the line for T-Mobile, FSG Telecom was tasked with providing a power solution that would keep its customer on schedule and on budget.


FSG Telecom’s A&E team went to work. Taking everything into consideration, the team presented a comprehensive plan built around a DC power design that utilized existing fiber conduits, thus reducing the cost of power to a node by a factor of six.


Working with manufacturer representatives and the agency having jurisdiction, FSG Telcom delivered a full system design that allowed the project to move forward quickly and efficiently. FSG Telecom's deep bench of logistical and design support team members was able to design, coordinate, and present a complete plan that delivered project success for T-Mobile. On this small cell expansion project, FSG Telecom's turnkey service offering made the difference.

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