Project Type
Small Cell Construction
Project Owner
General Contractor
Extenet Systems, Inc.

T-Mobile Project Follow Through | Telecom Austin, Texas

Case Study
FSG Telecom Finishes Incomplete Project for T-Mobile in Austin


In Austin, T-Mobile was in the middle of a new network expansion project. A previous telecom contractor had left the project, and it was understood that certain aspects of the work scope had been left undone or performed improperly. FSG Telecom was asked to finish all incomplete work by the previous contractor, and to verify the final deliverable met the required specifications. The overall work scope was unknown but believed to be minor. FSG Telecom arrived at the worksite ready for anything.


Initial site inspections showed the situation to be more serious than originally thought. The previous work revealed improper cable terminations, numerous electrical code violations, structural damage, and no documentation of required testing. With a clear picture of the work required, FSG Telecom’s construction team got busy.

The construction team prepared a complete audit of each of the 17 previous worksites to identify deficiencies. From that report, FSG Telecom created a procurement plan, a corrective plan, and an updated schedule for the general contractor.


Almost all of the identified deficiencies including code violations, line-sweep testing and documentation, and structural damage, were addressed for the customer within three weeks. The remaining deficiencies, dependent on long-lead procurement items, were completed upon receipt of each item.

FSG Telecom delivered verifiable quality and peace of mind for a customer whose project was in danger of becoming a liability.

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