Project Type
Lighting Upgrade
Project Owner
The Austonian
Electrical Contractor
FSG Austin

The Austonian Austin, Texas

Case Study
FSG Completes Stunning Exterior Lighting Upgrade Atop 56-Floor Residential Skyscraper in Austin


Since 2010, The Austonian has towered over the Austin skyline, symbolizing luxury, location, and a love for the city’s unique and vibrant downtown cultural scene. When it opened its doors for the first residents, The Austonian immediately claimed the mantle of Austin’s most desirable downtown high-rise residence. A recognizable feature of the new tower was its iconic lighting design, which featured a curved line of light at the building’s peak that came to be known as The Austonian’s “smile”.

In 2015, however, residents were disappointed when their building’s unique top-floor exterior lighting design - their smile - disappeared due to lighting fixture and lighting control failures. Residents eventually decided that the building’s exterior lighting should be restored to its original glory, and the building management team was tasked with initiating a lighting upgrade project for The Austonian.

General Manager Shawn Bell began looking for a lighting service provider that was willing and able to repel off the top of a 56-story building and replace the original lighting fixtures. He found people willing to repel off the building, and he found electricians qualified to install lights, but The Austonian needed technicians certified to repel off a high-rise tower who were also licensed and trained electricians. Based on an existing lighting products relationship with Austin's FSG branch, Bell asked FSG who to call for their particular lighting challenge. The answer was quick and easy!


FSG arrived on the job with a clear understanding of its role, and a strong desire to support its customer with outstanding service.

Graham Case of FSG’s Austin branch coordinated with Shawn Bell and his team to finalize all details of the lighting installation. With all questions answered, the FSG crew strapped up, tied on, and got to work installing new LumenPulse direct-view fixtures at the edge of the building’s roofline, 683 feet above Austin's busy downtown streets. Associated fixtures, cabling, and controls were also installed to restore the iconic Austonian smile to the downtown Austin skyline.


FSG completed the electrical installation work scope flawlessly for The Austonian. The FSG Austin crew worked closely with The Austonian property management on-site, completing the lighting installation project for the high-rise to the exact specifications discussed and agreed upon before the project began. The lighting upgrade for The Austonian was seen as a smashing success, with the results clearly visible as a constant luminous reference high above the Austin skyline at night.

For FSG, the project provided another opportunity to demonstrate its unique skill set and passion for customer service through the delivery of sustaining value on every project. In one sense, the lighting upgrade project for The Austonian highlighted FSG’s repelling capabilities. More importantly, this project demonstrated FSG’s willingness to help its customers succeed in meeting their facility goals, no matter how challenging or specialized they may be.

FSG projects consistently deliver excellence for our  customers, for our employees, and for the communities we serve.

We see each project as an opportunity to embrace our mission and provide superior value through quality products, service, and support.

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