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Small Cell Construction
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General Contractor
FSG Telecom

Verizon Network Expansion Troubleshooting | Telecom Austin, Texas

Case Study
FSG Resolves Right of Way Conflict for Verizon During Austin Network Expansion Project


When working in a crowded right of way, accurate drawings are a must. Unfortunately, Agency Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) as-builts can often be misleading and vague. This is what happened when FSG Telecom discovered a small cell node was drawn to be placed directly on an existing water main during a network expansion project for Verizon. With major time and money invested in this location, FSG Telecom took the reigns to find a solution for Verizon.


FSG Telecom met with the AHJ to determine if a field variance was a possibility. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. As a result, FSG Telecom got to work on a quick workaround.

The FSG team researched the site, provided the engineers with accurate dimensions and a new, viable location within 48 hours.


Quick action by FSG Telecom allowed the engineering team to submit a new drawing immediately to the AHJ, keeping the delay time to a minimum, and getting Verizon's project back on track. This circumstance demonstrated the value of working with an experienced small cell construction partner, so that timely solutions naturally follow the types of challenges that inevitably arise with network construction.

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