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Victory Park Garage D Dallas, Texas

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FSG brought a design team's bold and colorful ideas to life in a wayfinding sign package.


FSG was asked to partner with CallisonRTKL, a global architecture and design firm, to take a bland, concrete parking garage and transform it to a stylish structure that added to the existing landscape. Victory Park Block D Garage is in the epicenter of a growing, upscale shopping and entertainment district of Dallas, Texas, known as Victory Park. The surrounding area has been greatly developed over the past few years with retail, restaurants, and public art. The garage was uninspiring and ready for some colorful updates. The owners reached out to FSG to remove the old signage and install the colorful new signage that fit its upscale, urban location and help visitors easily and safely navigate their way in and around the garage.


Facility Solutions Group worked with CallisonRTK's designs to create a set of functional shop drawings that would allow for sign mounting details to be incorporated into various design concepts. FSG fabricated and installed a wayfinding signage package to include 156 signs varying from channel letters, blade signs, traffic clearance bars, directional signs for motorists and pedestrians alike, elevator and stairwell identification, and emergency evacuation maps. The signs are not only functional, but also bring an artistic flair and cohesion to fit the urban, retail-design parameters. Each level of the parking garage uses one color highlighted throughout the level to help guests quickly identify their garage level. There are yellow, orange, green, and blue levels with artists' murals near the elevators that beautifully coordinate with the color chosen for that level. The result is captivating art and beautiful, color-coordinated wayfinding signage throughout the garage in place of a bland, concrete parking structure.

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