Project Type
Lighting Retrofit
Project Owner
Electrical Contractor

Whataburger Nationwide

Case Study
FSG worked with Whataburger as a trusted adviser to confirm opportunities to save energy, as well as enhance light levels on both the interior and exterior at each of their locations.


Whataburger wanted to capitalize on the benefits of LED lighting, but needed a partner to help navigate the complex LED lighting landscape. In order to avoid mis-steps and waste, Whataburger turned to FSG to identify lighting solutions that would work with their energy consumption goals while also meeting their design standards and practices.


FSG installed test fixtures at three different locations. Once suitable products were identified, FSG competed against three other vendors to earn Whataburger's trust by completing three complete retrofits at predetermined locations. These test sites measured the effectiveness of the lighting product selected, the competency and capability of each vendor participating, and the overall success of the results against and pre-determined criteria set by Whataburger's leadership team.


After the test period, FSG was awarded the partnership based on the quality of work performed, expertise as a trusted adviser, and FSG's ability to deliver against the goals set by the customer. Moving forward, the scope of work will include replacing all existing lighting with LED fixtures, Type B TLED technology, and various other retrofit kits both for both interior and exterior lighting.

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