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More Expensive Image

It is actually more expensive to look bad?

What you Don't See Image

What You Don’t Know About What You Don’t See

Hiding Money Image

Money Is Hiding Just Over Your Head

Cost of Saving Money Banner

The Hidden Costs of Saving Money

Lights On Image

A Better Way To “Leave the Lights On”

Waldorf Image

The Waldorf Astoria Captures the Energy Savings of LED Lighting While Keeping the Charm and Aesthetic of the Original Lighting Design

Fashion Valley Sign 2

FSG Transforms Fashion Valley Mall Parking Structure and Provides Energy Savings

Hard Rock Cafe Image

Color-Changing LED Transforms Float Rooftop Bar at the Hard Rock Hotel

Arby's Image

Transformation by Replacing the Exterior Lighting Is the Difference of Night and Day

Freehold Image

Outstanding In Their Class

Centennial Square Banner

Centennial High School’s New Safety and Navigability Through Improved Lighting

Pyramid Image

Pyramid Building Lighting Upgrade Gives Distinctive Landmark New Pop