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Parking Lot Light

How to Make Parking Lot Lighting Work for Your Business

Street Lighting Blog

LED Street Lighting Projects Deliver Safety As Well As Savings

Eco Friendly buildings

What Can Facility Managers Do To Make Their Buildings More Eco-friendly?

NY Street Lights

How Street Lighting Upgrades Can Have a Positive Impact on Our Climate

Environmental Design lighting

A Light in the Dark: How Lighting and Environmental Design Help Make Schools Safer

Building - reducing energy

How to Reduce Commercial Energy Usage

Gym Lighting incentives

How to Find Commercial Lighting Incentives & Rebates

What is Color Rendering Index header image

What is Color Rendering Index (CRI)?

co-op purchasing

How Co-op Purchasing Helps Schools & Government Agencies


What are the Benefits of a Lighting Retrofit?

A grayscale photo of a boy holding a light close to his eyes.

Photophobia & Light Sensitivity in Children

Freehold Image

Brilliant Classrooms: 5 School Lighting Case Studies