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The Future of Facility Disinfection: Omni 4-in-1 Cart

As 2021 begins to open up into a season of guarded optimism regarding the future and the diminishing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are looking forward to better days and fewer worries about viruses and how they spread.

But can any of us really afford to forget the lessons we learned in 2020?  Is it possible to “unlearn” what we came to understand about aerosol spread, viral loads, social distancing, and the cleanest hands we’ve ever had in our lives?

More importantly, does anyone really believe that 2020 was the last time we’ll ever have to deal with dangerous viruses traveling in the air around us?

The fact is that 2020 was a wake-up call for all of us, and while the public health situation will surely improve in the short term, our long-term future will undoubtedly include other challenges that put us in mind of 2020.

Disinfection as a Standard Practice

That’s why for many forward-thinking businesses and facility managers, what was a matter of business survival in 2020 is poised to become a prime competitive differentiator as we emerge from the current pandemic.  

Businesses that were able to hold on during the worst of the COVID-19 crisis are determined to double down on the tactics and methods they employed to get through the worst days of 2020, and to apply the lessons they learned about facility safety, comfort, and the peace of mind customers appreciate most.

For those businesses, emerging technologies that deliver added disinfection benefits for customers and employees are not just momentarily trendy, they are absolutely essential.

Science Meets Art in the 4-in-1 Cart

The new OMNI 4-in-1 cart by Cello is a prime example of the type of technology that is quickly becoming a standard feature for facility owners.  According to the company, the portable cart offers room disinfection “any time, anywhere, and by any means”. 

Cello Omni 4-in-1 Cart

Cello developed the newly released patent-pending technology to address customer concerns that no single, available disinfection option worked for every situation they encountered.  With its new OMNI 4-in-1 cart, Cello has combined all the major disinfection technologies into one unit so that customers can take full advantage of the most comprehensive solutions in ways and at times that work best for their businesses.

The OMNI 4-in-1 cart delivers:

  • UVC surface disinfection
  • UVC air disinfection
  • Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI)
  • HEPA filtration

Best of all, the cart lets users take advantage of each function alone or in combination with others, according to facility needs.

The Omni 4-in-1 Disinfection Cart: A Closer Look

Cello’s new OMNI 4-in-1 cart combines UVC (surface & air), NPBI, and HEPA filtration technologies to disinfect classrooms, office spaces, restaurants, places of worship, and more.

The unit’s individual capabilities are impressive, but it is the combination of the different technologies that offer true convenience and flexibility to facility owners.

This unit can deploy with multiple modes at a time, or can be set to run individually as needed. By using the combination of the following technologies, the space can be disinfected much faster.

1. Surface Mode UVC Disinfection

*Time required to achieve 99.99% disinfection rate

With the Surface mode UVC Disinfection, the UVC light rises when no one is in the space. Once the unit is deployed as directed and allowed to navigate the full area of the space, a 99.9% surface disinfection rate is delivered.

4-in-1 cart Surface Mode

2. Air Mode UVC Disinfection

With the Air mode UVC Disinfection, the UVC light is down and air passes across the light. Employees and customers can be in the room when the unit is in this mode. When the unit is deployed as directed, the times required to disinfect the air in various-sized rooms with 8-foot ceilings are given in the table below.

*Time required to achieve 99.99% disinfection rate
4-in-1 cart Air Mode

3. NPBI Disinfection

In NPBI Disinfection mode is on, Employees and Customers can be in the room as Ions are cleaning the air. When the unit is deployed as directed, the NPBI (Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization) disinfection function produces an ion concentration of 60 million ions per cubic centimeter per second. 

These negatively and positively charged ions are effective against viruses, bacteria, and mold.  As a bonus, they also neutralize volatile organic compounds, odors, and allergy-causing dander.

4. HEPA Filtration

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters have been around for years.  These pleated mechanical air filters work by forcing air through a fine mesh that traps microscopic particles such as pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and smoke.  Most air purifiers include HEPA filtration, but the results of HEPA filtration are especially effective in the OMNI 4-in-1 cart.

This is because the NPBI function of the cart agglomerates particulate matter that is normally too small to be captured.  Through the ionization process, these pathogens and pollutants are grouped together (agglomerated) until they are large enough to be captured by HEPA filtration.  The combination of NPBI and HEPA filtration is a key functionality that sets the OMNI 4-in-1 cart apart from other area disinfection products.

FSG Delivers the OMNI 4-in-1 Cart to You

As the master U.S. distributor for Cello’s new OMNI 4-in-1 cart, FSG stands ready to get this product to you as quickly as possible.  With a 4-in-1 cart running quietly behind the counter in your store or in the corner of your waiting room, your customers will quickly see that you’ve taken steps to take care of them.

See the Cello OMNI 4-in-1 In Action

For small businesses who are needing help to budget disinfection solutions for their facilities, FSG now offers a Rental program so that customers can lease the 4-in-1 cart for $5/day at 0% interest.

In addition, the 4-in-1 unit comes with a 36-month manufacturer’s warranty, and ships with 4 spare lamps, 3 replacement filters, and an informative sign for employees and customers informing that you are disinfecting your facility.

Download this PDF for more information: Cello 4-in-1 Cart

It’s All About Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has become a very important concern for facility managers over the last year, and as we move through the pandemic and into brighter days ahead, that concern should stay with us.  What we learned about IAQ in 2020 translates directly into healthier, happier customers, employees, teachers, students, audience members, and anyone else who enters a building of any size.  

Occupant Safety notice

Technology like the OMNI 4-in-1 cart offers facility managers the flexibility to employ just one unit in a variety of practical ways to meet the needs of their interior spaces.  As the general public has learned over the past year, cleaner spaces deliver better, healthier experiences, the kinds of experiences they will choose first when given the opportunity.

The Way We Were, Once Again

Chances are good that in time, we’ll relax our hyper-vigilance, and then relax some more.  With luck, we’ll make it long enough that the next wicked flu season or exotic coronavirus variant will seem totally unexpected.

But it really won’t be a surprise.  After all, even as vaccines are being distributed to address COVID-19, most experts agree that the future will likely contain new viral threats to challenge us.  As public health experts love to say, it should never really be a question of “if” a new virus will emerge to threaten us; the real question is “when” the next big bad bug will appear.  

That’s why tomorrow’s IAQ winners are acting today.  If you are a facility manager or administrator and you want to learn about the best, most flexible technology available to deliver superior IAQ within the enclosed public spaces you maintain, FSG welcomes your call.  Reach out today and learn how quickly you and your customers can come to love the Cello OMNI 4-in-1 cart.

Call us at (512) 886-1253 or fill out the form below to speak with an expert or for more information.

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