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Centennial High School’s New Safety and Navigability Through Improved Lighting

Centennial High School, in Frisco, Texas is the home of the Titans. Its mission, in partnership with parents and community members, is to help facilitate the development of critical thinkers who become respectful contributors to society. The school, the second high school in Frisco, opened in 2003 and recently underwent an extensive exterior lighting retrofit with the help of Facility Solutions Group, FSG.

Before the lighting retrofit, the parking lot and the exterior of the school building were in almost total darkness at night, a situation that wasn’t ideal or safe. Today, the whole property glows with a warm and welcoming lighting solution that illuminates the whole campus in an affordable and sustainable way. The FSG Lighting Retrofit of Centennial High School was completed in a partnership with Current, powered by GE.

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Check out this exciting video highlighting this project:


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