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Christmas Message 2020: A Time for Reflection and Anticipation

Our Christmas Message this year is a special one.

We present it to you here in the spirit of timeless contribution and service, at the end of a difficult year, and at a time when our friends and families continue to struggle through this extended season of illness and worry.

For all the things we wish we could have changed about 2020, there is one truth we accept and embrace.  The events of the past year have offered us a unique opportunity to put our principles into action, and to rededicate ourselves to the mission we’re on here at FSG. 

First among the main ideas expressed in our Mission Statement is the commitment to willingly contribute to the quality of life of all employees, customers, vendors, and the general community, specifically by our good unselfish works of service that originate in pure hearts seeking to honor God and His desire.

We hope this year’s Christmas Message contributes to your quality of life.  We hope the message centers your focus, lifts your heart, and brings you peace

So take a few moments to enjoy this year’s Christmas Message.  Please consider it a gift to sustain you and your loved ones as we turn the page on one year and begin to write the story of the next one.

Listen to the FSG Christmas Message 2020…

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