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Davita & FSG: Better Living Through Better Lighting

Quality of Life is Vital

For DaVita, quality is everything. Quality service, quality experience, and most importantly, quality of life.

As premier kidney disease and dialysis treatment centers, DaVita clinics are privileged to care for patients with unique needs. From top to bottom, everything DaVita is about, and what they provide must be the best. To accomplish that, they can never stop looking forward. To stand still would be the same as going backward, and that would hurt patient care and experience.

The problem is that most of what these clinics do rely on specialized equipment and technology. Therefore, it’s vital, when seeking operational areas to improve, that they be able to find large, system-wide opportunities. 

When you first think of a medical facility like a DaVita clinic, your mind may not automatically go to the lighting. But it turns out that’s exactly where such a huge opportunity presented itself for DaVita.

“We are working to install lighting that will improve the aesthetic, and improve patient and teammate experience,”

Lindsay Tyson, Energy & Sustainability Manager – Davita

Her colleague, Director of Energy and Sustainability Jeffrey Wilzbacher, added, “These lights will last much longer, so there will be less maintenance and disruption.

“And the lights will be more energy-efficient, and so we’ll use much less energy for lighting, which will be good for the environment. So it’s really a win-win.”

Just like that, DaVita had found a way to:

Improve the experience of the clinics, for both patients and teammates

goal number 1 davita

Dramatically decrease disruption (and expense) caused by maintenance

goal number 1 davita

Reduce their energy needs, cutting both costs and their carbon footprint

All by upgrading their lights.

Partners for the Long Haul

To get the most out of a project like this, DaVita knew they needed a partner. There are so many factors to consider when choosing the lights that will perform best in a given environment, and be the most cost-effective. 

FSG has over 37 years of experience designing exactly that kind of lighting system: one that fits its location and saves money. We understand organizations like DaVita who are doing more than offering services; they are truly serving their patients. When that mission is their primary focus, they shouldn’t be expected to go through a major lighting upgrade alone.

“In FSG, we found a partner that will be with us for the long haul.”

Lindsay Tyson, Davita

“When FSG builds a new lighting system, we don’t just install the lightbulbs and leave. We are here to serve you so that you can better serve your clients. Our solutions are warrantied, and our expert crews can service your lighting for the life of the system.

“DaVita had a challenge for us. They wanted us to create a better environment through lighting.”

Bobby Graham, National Accounts Director – FSG

DaVita’s primary concern was for their patients. Often, those who need DaVita’s services are in pain, or elderly. It was important, then, that the new lights be comfortable and flexible.

DaVita asked FSG to install new LED lights which produce richer, smoother light that is much easier on the eyes than traditional technologies. LED lights combined with customized controls and switches allowed the facilities to turn off or dim certain lights to give patients a chance to rest, and even sleep, while they underwent treatment.

The next concern for the environment at DaVita clinics was the experience of teammates. Many employees arrive in the dark of the morning, and they reported feeling much more comfortable–even “livelier”–thanks to the updated lighting.

Finally, DaVita needed a solution that would be cost-effective. Again, the new LED lights fit the bill perfectly. With a much longer lifespan than other lights, LEDs require far less maintenance, which reduces the need for disruptive and expensive repair calls. Additionally, LED lights use a fraction of the energy of the lights they replace, cutting energy expenses and helping businesses be more environmentally responsible. 

Experiencing the Results

As a nationwide organization, DaVita needed more than a partner who knew lighting. They needed a partner who could deliver when, where, and how they needed.

FSG’s National Accounts team went to work with DaVita. Our dedicated project manager served as the one point of contact between DaVita and the entire breadth of FSG. Whenever questions or concerns appeared, everyone at DaVita knew there was one phone number they could always call to get answers.

Now, as patients and staff enjoy the new lights, the plan for DaVita’s clinics is expanding. By 2022, most clinics will have been upgraded. Once again, all of these projects will be coordinated and managed through FSG National Accounts. With branches throughout the country, FSG will be on the scene for DaVita, no matter where they are located.

Perhaps the greatest description of this project was offered by Lorena Alba, Facility Administrator for DaVita. Speaking of the new environment she, her staff, and their patients were now enjoying, she simply said, “We give life to our patients, FSG gives life to our facility.” It’s easy to see why: DaVita clinics are more efficient and more comfortable, all because they chose to make a switch in their lighting.

“We give life to our patients. FSG gives life to our facility.”

Lorena Alba, Facility Administrator – Davita

If you’ve been looking for opportunities to improve the quality of life for your customers and your teammates while saving money, take a look at your lights. For questions or more information, please call FSG today at (512) 615-6615 or contact us here.

See the full video here:

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