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Is Your Business Ready for Daylight Saving Time 2020?

On Sunday, March 8th, daylight savings time begins here in the United States. We’ll “spring forward” one hour in a ritual that’s been happening in this country for more than a century.

What Does Daylight Savings Mean for Your Business?

The intended outcome of switching to daylight savings is to lower demand for energy. By effectively making the day longer, homes and businesses won’t need to use so many lights during the evening hours.

While the evidence is somewhat muddled regarding whether or not this strategy has worked, it’s certainly true that humans perceive less of a need for artificial light while the sun is shining longer into the evening.

But what about the dark early morning hours? Obviously, just because we’ve changed our clocks doesn’t mean the sun has reset its schedule. It continues to rise and set according to a rhythm dictated by the laws of physics long ago. So when we push our clocks ahead, we’re creating a darker early morning experience for ourselves.

It’s Time to Check Your Exterior Lights

For businesses, this means it’s time to double-check all your exterior lights. Look for broken lamps, burned out bulbs, and dark spots around your building. Safety and security precautions demand that we make sure the exterior of our buildings are well-lit so that employees and customers arriving early in the morning have a safe and welcoming environment waiting for them.

Exterior Lighting at Medical Facilities

For those who have had early morning medical procedures or appointments, you may have noticed that hospital parking garages or parking lots tend to be very large.

The last thing that patients want to see when they arrive at a hospital is parking garage lighting that isn’t working or is too dim. According to MD News, 1 in 10 property crimes occur in parking lots or garages.

“1 in 10 property crimes occur in parking lots or garages. That makes ensuring the safety of patients, visitors and staff members before they even enter the doors of a healthcare facility an essential component of overall security.”

MD News

Parking Lot Safety at Schools

Another industry that daylight savings time has an effect on is education. School districts have multiple campuses all over the country with hundreds or thousands of students and teachers on each campus.

Teachers arrive even earlier than students, so parking lots need to be very well-lit for the safety and security of teachers and students. (not like the one below)

Geary Robinson, Director of Parking at University of North Texas, and a co-chair of the International Parking Institute said, “No matter how big or small your school’s parking area, there is a distinct reality that it could be a gateway to, or staging area for, violence.”

“Schools should have a professional lighting consultant evaluate your parking areas. A consultant can also guide you through options that will address safety, energy usage, and light pollution concerns.”

Geary Robinson, International Parking Institute

Byron Nelson High School parking lot lighting

Check Timers and Lighting Controls

Another jump in technology also supports the purpose of daylight savings: controls. Lighting controls have become incredibly sophisticated and responsive over the last decade. 

Occupancy sensors turn lights on and off in rooms and hallways, depending on traffic. Daylight sensors determine when artificial light is needed — and when it’s not — based on how bright the light is coming through the windows. Timer controls help protect your people and your property by making sure lights are there to greet the first arrivals every morning.

All of these lighting control systems also provide energy savings. By intelligently using lights when they’re needed, and turning them off when they aren’t, controls help shave kilowatt-hours from your energy demand. That shows up on your electric bill and then shows up again on your bottom line.

Have a Trusted Advisor to Check Your Lights for You

Find a trusted advisor closeby that offers lighting maintenance as a service. They can drive around to your locations, look for problem areas with your lights — burned out lamps, broken bulbs, check timers, and send you a detailed report of the health of your lighting at all of your properties.

The advisor will also send you a quote to make any repairs or replacements, and get your lights shining brightly as quickly as possible.

With over 30 locations around the United States, FSG lighting experts serve clients of all shapes and sizes in almost every industry. Retail stores, warehouses, car dealerships, manufacturing companies, distribution centers, hotels, restaurants, and commercial spaces of every kind have all used our services to get the right lights and control systems.

Now, as daylight saving time begins, we especially encourage you to think twice about the state of your lights. There’s no better time than now to make sure your facilities are well-lit, safe, and efficient.

Don’t let poor lighting create an unsafe (and costly) situation at your business, and don’t let trying to do it all yourself take away from your focus. Contact FSG today for turnkey lighting services and solutions.

To find the nearest team of FSG lighting experts, call our Guide Center at (512) 615-6615. We will connect you to a trusted advisor to guide you to the best solution for your lighting challenge.

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