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Electrical Contractor Near Me: Local DNA, National Capability.

Electrical Contractor Near Me

In Kingwood, Texas, a hurricane ravaged the town. The local country club and athletic center were underwater. They needed disaster recovery services to get the lights back on, and then the tennis courts needed a retrofit to properly get back to business.  

Kingwood tennis courts

In Corrales, New Mexico, the town needed to improve the safety and sense of security around their senior center. They needed a lighting partner capable of solving their security needs, while also improving the look and feel of the facility. 

In San Antonio, Texas, the new Methodist hospital required electrical construction services. A large project, but one designed to support the community, the principals were concerned with finding a partner with boots on the ground, and big-time capabilities. 

Children's Methodist Hospital

In Chatham, New Jersey, the school system needed a complete facilities overhaul. New electrical, new lights, new building controls. This project covered a district of 6 schools with over 4000 students and 270 teachers. 

In each of these cities–and in hundreds of other towns and metropolises throughout the country–a fleet of rapid deployment vans and trucks are running daily.

Every team is highly trained to tackle the lighting, electrical, signage, and technology challenges of local businesses. Each vehicle delivers local experts backed by a nationwide brand, a brand that’s been making facilities better for almost four decades.

Each vehicle bears three giant blue letters: F-S-G.

FSG Truck

Local DNA. National Capability.

In 1982, FSG opened its doors in Texas. Since then, our experts have been helping our customers make their organizations better, all over North America.

Our mission is to give you the latest and greatest facilities so your business can truly offer the latest and greatest in service and customer care. For FSG, that means that “better” starts with a better customer experience of working with our team.

Our local branches are built with the same DNA as our customers because that’s where we’re from. Our branches hire locally, invest locally, and support local causes. We root for the same high school teams, and our children attend the same elementary schools. 

For FSG, building better businesses starts with the stores in our neighborhoods. Just because FSG is the fifteenth largest electrical contractor in the country doesn’t mean we only work on the biggest brands. Our work as a company is made of the things we do for our neighbors.

Our experts know local regulations and service providers. Our local experts know which rebates and incentives are available for facilities all over the U.S.

Combined with the reach and power of an industry leader in our varied areas of expertise, each of our local branches offers the best of both worlds: real, personal involvement in our communities, and cutting-edge technology and capabilities.

It all starts, though, with you.

How Can We Help You?

When you work with FSG, you’re working with your neighbors. From your first contact with us–either through your local branch or through our National Accounts center–you’ll be working with people who know and care about your organization. 

At FSG, we care about what you want, and what you do. We know how difficult it can be to find the right contractor who has boots on the ground in your town, but who also has the wherewithal to provide you with world-class service and products.

That’s why FSG has so many branches around the United States, and it’s why we work with such an extensive network of specialists. There are few things worse than dealing with a company that doesn’t seem to understand your needs; especially if you’re entrusting that company to work on the very heart of your business.

When you work with a local FSG branch, you’ll always be working with someone nearby who is worthy of your trust.

Garret Smith Photo

Forget worrying about whether or not your contractor knows local and municipal codes. Forget worrying about sending your dollars outside of your town or state. Forget worrying about working with an impersonal, uncaring service center located halfway around the globe.

Our first and last question to our customers is always, “How can we help you?” Because making things better starts with you.

We Are Here For You

Dozens of branches throughout the country. Local experts backed by one of the biggest names in the industry. Local teams that care about building communities. 

A National accounts team that has the capabilities to help the largest companies in the nation. Leading-edge distribution centers across the country. 

Those are the things that set FSG apart. Those are the things that make FSG perfect for your next project. Whether you have one location that needs the attention and dedication it deserves, or thousands of locations spread across all fifty States, FSG has the customer-centric right solution for you.

Visit our local branch webpages, or call us at (512) 615-6615. We’d love to talk with you today about your business, your facilities, and how FSG can help you make things better, every day.

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