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When the Storms Come, You Need a Partner You Can Trust

As the remnants of Hurricane Barry spread across the southeast, many businesses are casting a wary eye to the horizon. When and where will the next one hit? How can we prepare? How will we deal with the damage?

Even if we are not in the path of the hurricane, how can we deal with the disruption to services, deliveries, and supplies? Are your emergency response plans complete? Do you have a disaster recovery partner you can trust?

Disaster Preparedness: Before the Storm

Even a relatively small storm like Hurricane Barry can cause widespread devastation. And it’s not just the direct damage that business operators need to be worried about. As a major storm lashes an area, vital infrastructure elements are affected.

A delay in fuel deliveries causes shortages at the pumps, meaning you might not have enough gas to operate an emergency generator.

The population–your customer base–disperses, leaving you without anyone to buy your products and services. Employees are unable to come in. Your own home may be damaged, and the safety of your family will always take priority over the needs of your business.

In short, the coming of each storm season brings the need for planning and preparedness. Do you have an evacuation plan, not only for your family but for your staff and employees? Are you ready to bring emergency supplies (and power) to affected buildings? 

Here are a couple of resources in case you need to shore up your preparedness plans:

FEMA Hurricane Ready Business Guide

Top 10 Hurricane Preparedness Tips for Construction Sites

Disaster Recovery: After the Storm

Do you know who to call when it’s time to start rebuilding?

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas. As the storm stalled over the city, floodwaters rose, homes were destroyed, and businesses were ruined. For those who lived through those turbulent days, their lives are now permanently divided into the time before Harvey, and the time after.

But just as storms such as Harvey show nature at its worst, so does the response to those storms show humanity at its best.

“After Harvey, we pretty much lost it all. We had over 4 feet of water inside all the buildings.”

Meredith Walton, Kingwood Country Club

From helping neighbors shore up sandbag walls, to lending complete strangers a helping hand in their most desperate moment, the aftermath of a storm like Harvey serves as a reminder of all that is good about community, trust, and service.

Now, as the 2019 hurricane season begins in earnest, it’s time to think ahead to what each of us can do–as businesspeople, and as humans–to prepare for the worst, and to show ourselves at our best.

A Disaster Recovery Partner You Can Trust

For FSG, storm season is also a time to prepare. Our crews prepare to carry out disaster recovery services throughout parts of the country that lie in the path of potential storms.

Our in-house experts prepare to answer calls, provide knowledge, and offer guidance. Our leaders and management prepare to put every resource at our disposal at the service of people and businesses trying to rebuild after the devastation.

Already, storms are lurking off the coast of the United States. But FSG is ready.

If your business has been affected by hurricane, storm, or any other disaster, don’t wait another minute. Call us now at 1 (512) 615-6615 to get the resources of FSG to rally during your time of need.

Whether you need service for your electrical, lighting, signage, or technology infrastructure, FSG is standing by to help. Our service values are “Ability, Capability, and Flexibility,” and we want to put those values to work for you, now.

After the damage is done, true recovery begins. Don’t go it alone. Call today at 1 (512) 615-6615 or contact us here. FSG will help you rebuild and return to business, so you can, in turn, help others recover.

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