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An Empty Campus is Full of Opportunity

Campus Projects Heat Up During Summer Vacation

As we wrap up another school year, the work to prepare for the next school year begins. With teachers and students away on summer break, custodians, maintenance professionals, and administrators begin the frantic race to clean and fix everything that broke during the school year.

Some districts are working to open new campuses, while others are working to overhaul existing ones. Things like fresh paint, carpet, and furniture are just a few of the things districts work on to get ready for the kids in August.

While most of these projects have been planned months in advance, sometimes other opportunities present themselves to do upgrades that may not have been on the plan for the summer.

Here are three projects you can consider doing at your campuses while the students and teachers are away on summer break that you might not have thought about.

1. Upgrade That Hard to Reach Lighting.

Whole campus or multi-campus lighting upgrade projects are one of the fastest ways to reduce energy consumption and improve the look of the campus.

However, these projects take lots of time and money to execute and if they aren’t a part of the summer spruce up plans, then it’s not likely your district is going to be interested in starting a retrofit project this late in the game.

“Not only the quality but also the quantity of electrical lighting has a significant positive correlation with the pupils’ learning progress.”


However, think about what is a part of the plan and if any lighting could be updated while other things are being done.  For example- maybe your district is replacing ceiling tiles in a cafeteria or other high ceiling area of a campus– why not consider doing some LED lamp upgrades at the same time while the lifts and manpower are there?

Or, maybe the high school swimming pool needs to the drained. Why not replace the lighting in the pool with LED’s while the water is gone.

Thinking a few things like this through and combining some small lighting upgrades with other bigger projects could save lots of money in the long run!

2. Get Construction Grade Lighting Audits

The summer break is a perfect time to do construction-grade lighting audits to help build plans for bigger upgrade projects to be completed at later dates.

The empty hallways and classrooms mean that auditors can get everything counted and cataloged without having to navigate students and staff.

“Study revealed a 16% impact of school design on students’ learning rates.”

Source: Sciencedirect.,com

3. Calibrate and Level Set Building Controls

The summer breaks can provide a perfect time to come in and calibrate, and level set HVAC, as well as lighting controls on the campuses. These projects are perfect for the summer break because lights turning on and off and HVAC systems testing won’t disrupt teachers and students.

Additionally, the hottest months of the year can really put all the systems to the test and help you really make sure your campuses are ready for the upcoming school year.

So don’t let the dog days of summer get you dogged. Think about combining some simple, low cost, projects with other bigger projects and get more done over the summer break, so you can relax when the kids get back!

FSG can help with all of these types of projects and more!

FSG is the AEPA contract holder for Educational LED lighting products. Visit the FSG and AEPA page to see how we are able to provide access to products from many major manufacturers and provide turnkey services, all at competitive pricing for members of the AEPA Co-op. 

FSG is also partnered with the Buyboard purchasing co-op. The BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative is a national online purchasing cooperative formed between the National School Boards Association and several state school boards associations to streamline the buying process for schools, municipalities and other public entities.

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