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Types of Commercial EV Chargers

There are currently three types of commercial EV charging stations, with differences you should understand.  Here’s what you need to know about the three types of commercial EV charging stations for your electric vehicle.

When you plug your EV into the wall socket behind your garage workbench, you have just created a Level 1 charging station. Level 1 stations are called for where only a 120V AC outlet is available, and less than 5% of all public charging stations are of this type.   

Level 1 stations are the slowest charging stations.  A 12-hour charge using 120V power only delivers about 96 miles of driving range for a normal mid-size electric vehicle.  Still, most EVs are delivered with a Level 1 cord set that features a NEMA standard three-prong home plug connector on one end and an SAE J1772 connector on the other that plugs into the car. 

Level 2 charging stations are the most common type of EV charging station for both residential and commercial applications.  At home, they typically operate on 240V electrical service, while public Level 2 charging stations normally feature 208V service.  

Public Level 2 stations can operate at up to 80 amperes and deliver 19.2 kW, but most home-based Level 2 stations are designed to operate at around 30 amperes and to deliver around 7 kW of power.

Level 2 charging equipment uses the same J1772 connector used for Level 1 charging, and all commercially available electric vehicles can be charged using both Level 1 and Level 2 charging stations.

In 2020, just over 15% of public EVSE ports in the U.S. were direct-current (DC) fast chargers.  Charging stations that feature fast charging ports typically rely on 208/480V AC three-phase input.

DC fast-charging stations are normally found along heavy traffic corridors, where they can service the most EVs, and typically involve more engineering and electrical infrastructure to provide for their safe operation.  Today, DC fast-charging stations feature three different connector types: SAE Combined Charging System (CCS), CHAdeMO, and Tesla.  

CCS connectors - sometimes referred to as “J1772 Combo” connectors - are almost identical to the J1772 connectors, but include two additional bottom pins.  CCS connectors allow users to use Level 1, Level 2, or DC fast charging equipment with only one connector.

CHAdeMO connectors are the most common fast-charging connectors, and Teslas all come with unique connectors and adaptors that allow users to charge their EVs at every type of charging station.


Where Can EV Charging Stations be Installed?

City Streets, Parking, & Local Government Property

Local municipalities are eager to attract visitors to their business and tourist districts, and the installation of commercial EV charging stations is one way to let people know they are welcome.  City parking facilities and local government offices and civic buildings like public libraries are also popular locations for EV charging stations.

Shopping Centers & Retail Space

Retail businesses depend on foot traffic, and shoppers value convenience.  What better way to cater to the highly sought-after retail customer base than to install EV charging stations for their electric vehicles?

An added benefit for retailers involves the fact that shoppers will be incentivized to linger a bit longer than normal when they know their cars are being charged outside.

Office Buildings and Commercial Property

For property owners and business owners, providing EV charging stations for employees is becoming increasingly common.  With more employees making the switch to electric vehicles, having access to a charging station while at work is the latest employment perk!

Apartment Complexes

Public charging stations are popping up everywhere, but for many EV drivers, there’s nothing like knowing they can charge their vehicles at night and start the day with a full charge.  For property managers and multi-family property owners across the country, offering on-site EV charging has become a real selling point that helps keep residency numbers - and tenant satisfaction - up where they need to be.


Restaurants are the perfect place to install commercial EV charging stations!  With a constantly rotating flow of customers coming and going from the restaurant, EV charging stations will stay busy.  Most importantly, with so many options available for that big night out or weeknight meal, having quick and easy EV charging available might just make the difference between a slow night and a waiting list.

Any Parking Lot

Whether your parking lot is for vehicles parking long term or for just a few minutes your parking lot is prime for EV Charging Stations. EV drivers will choose your parking lot over a lot without charging stations. You can even find ways to further monetize your parking spaces and make your parking lot work for you. 


Buy EV Charging Equipment & Accessories Through FSG Storefront

FSG Storefront has several Electric Vehicle chargers available for direct purchase. You can also order charger accessories and software/warranty support from our store.

Site Assessment

When you contact FSG about a potential commercial EV installation project, the first step always involves a site audit to determine the particular circumstances at your facility.  During this visit, our representative will determine your existing electrical infrastructure capacity and will take note of all required excavation and remediation work required for your project.

You can order a site audit online!


Power Your Business with FSG & EV Charging

Adding an EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Station to your business can be beneficial to your company's growth, and can even bring incentives and more customers.

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Put Your Parking Lot to Work with EV Charging

Bringing EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging stations to your parking lot, can attract more customers to you and benefit your business in several ways.

Public & Commercial EV Charging Station Services

From design to planning, installation, and ongoing maintenance, FSG is the ideal partner for your next commercial electric charging station project.

FSG is ready to handle the planning and execution of local and national roll-outs of brand new or expanded EV charging stations.  We support all types of EV charging stations, including Tesla, and are currently involved in expanding the nationwide network of over 115,000 dedicated EV charging stations at commercial locations including auto dealerships, hospitals, universities, retail malls, grocery stores, and local municipalities.

How do I get power to my station location?

Every location comes with its own set of unique challenges.  Often, running power to new or expanded commercial EV charging stations simply involves branching off existing electrical infrastructure that is already appropriately sized to service the new charging station. In other cases, additional electrical infrastructure such as higher capacity transformers and switchgear are required.

In almost all cases, additional infrastructure work is required, including:

  • Installation of conduits and connectors
  • Trenching
  • Parking lot remediation after installation, including re-striping
  • Signage and parking lot wayfinding elements

How Much do Commercial EV Charging Stations Cost?

In 2022, the average (Level 2) EV charging station installation costs approximately $6,000 per port.  However, several factors can impact the final cost for facility owners.  These factors include equipment, installation, software, and other issues including the impact of incentives and rebates.


As with any equipment you might buy, there are choices in the brand and model of EV charging station equipment available to purchase today.  FSG represents only the best and most reliable brands of EV charging ports and associated equipment, and the volume of equipment we distribute means we are able to get the best available prices for you. 


Many of the latest commercial EV charging stations come with IoT and remote monitoring and control features, all controlled by software that can be purchased with your new EV charging station.  If your new station includes this functionality, there will be associated costs for this software. 


Not all installations are the same.  Some EV charging station installation jobs involve short connections to existing electrical equipment with plenty of existing capacity.  Other installations, however, involve the upgrade of existing electrical infrastructure, or perhaps a long run of conduit across large parking lots with lots of excavation and remediation involved. We will show you all project costs up front.

Rebates & Incentives

There are a number of current federal tax credits as well as state and local incentives that can dramatically reduce the overall project costs for you.  At FSG, we make it our business to stay current on every available rebate or credit that might make owning your own commercial EV charging station possible NOW. More on that below.

Case Study

Multi-Site Automotive Group Installs EV Chargers

FSG has been working with a large automotive group to install electric vehicle charging stations at their network of dealerships. Hear from Michael Baucom, Vice President of FSG Arizona, as he discusses the relationship between the automotive group and how FSG handled the complex electric vehicle installation project. You will also learn how FSG's process and capabilities have provided value to the customer.

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Tax Credits & Financing

Incentives and rebates at the local, state, and federal levels offset the costs associated with setting up your own commercial EV charging station.

In 2022, businesses can deduct up to 30% from their federal income tax for costs incurred from purchasing an EV charging station. Additionally, individual states provide incentives. A company can take a deduction on its state income tax (where applicable) and apply for various credits or grants. 

Finally, local organizations and governments in cities across the country currently offer monetary incentives for facility owners interested in purchasing commercial EV charging stations.


FSG also offers our Charging as a Service finance option.

At FSG, our service offering includes staying current on every available tax credit and incentive available to our customers.  When you reach out to us with questions, we will provide the answers you’re looking for.

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Step by Step Guide to Installing a Commercial EV Charging Station

  • Site Audit

    When you contact FSG about a potential commercial EV installation project, the first step always involves a site audit to determine the particular circumstances at your facility.  During this visit, our representative will determine your existing electrical infrastructure capacity and will take note of all required excavation and remediation work required for your project.

  • Select Equipment

    With a clear understanding of your location’s project installation requirements, FSG will work with you to explain the available equipment options and recommend the best equipment and components with the most reliable track record for previous customers.

  • Identify Rebates & Incentives

    FSG will present to you all the current incentives, rebates, and credits that apply to your project, and we will work with you to make sure your project takes full and complete advantage of all available savings opportunities.

  • Create Installation Plan

    With all the information about your commercial EV charging station project in hand, FSG will discuss the installation project with you.  At this time, we will take note of any particular requirements you may have with regard to peak hours at your place of business, or any other issues that might streamline the process for you.

  • Execute Project

    FSG’s trained and experienced technicians will arrive at your place of business with all the equipment and accessories required to complete your project rapidly and efficiently.  Before you know it, you’ll be in the EV charging business.

Which Commercial EV Chargers Are the Best?

This question gets to the heart of the matter and makes a strong case for choosing FSG on your next EV charging project.  

FSG has been around since 1982, and we provide top products along with expert electrical construction and service through our network of over 30 branch locations in the United States.

Put our industry relationships to work for you and purchase your EV charging station with confidence.  FSG is a contracted service installation partner for Tesla and Blink, and we have ongoing affiliate relationships with industry leaders like Leviton/Chargepoint, AmpedUP!, EVConnect, Efacec, and BreezeEV.

Provide your next EV charging station project with the highest standards for equipment and service being provided anywhere in the country today, and you will understand the meaning of lasting value.  You and your customers will appreciate the form, fit, & finish of a commercial EV charging station provided by FSG!

FSG is one of the few companies that offers a full suite of products and services to support your EV needs from coast to coast.

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