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Fact: Customers Shop, Eat, and Play Where They Can Charge Their Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles (EVs) are in the news almost every day.  Advocates and critics alike are weighing in on the rise of EVs, and the conversation is “front of mind” for the American public right now.

Lately, the conversation has centered around the cost of electric cars, with industry experts and economists wondering if current EV pricing represents a barrier to entry for most consumers.

Only a few weeks ago, however, the news was focused on the fact that manufacturers of electric vehicles have had difficulty keeping up with demand.  Some EV customers are waiting months to take delivery of their recently purchased cars.  

From an infrastructure point of view, a recent article from CNBC highlights the dramatic need for additional public EV charging stations, focusing on how US automakers are pushing for increased investment in this area.  

There is a need for more EV charging stations to be installed across the country.
Source: FSG Media

For an industry focused on promoting ideas like “freedom”, “escape”, and “possibility”, the thought of customers stuck on zero without a way to charge their brand new EV batteries is a serious matter.

Industry analysts and consultants agree with the automakers.  According to a McKinsey & Company article from April 2022, the nation needs to increase the number of EV charging stations from roughly 55,000 today to at least 1.2 million public charging stations to meet anticipated demand.

So while news editors, auto industry executives, consultants, and analysts continue to hash and rehash the finer details of our national transition toward electric vehicles, here’s one thing we know for sure: consumers with money to spend are spending that money where they can charge their new EV.

Home Lodging Network Drops the Mic on EV Charging

A February 2022 article from the online lodging giant Airbnb illustrates what happens when businesses embrace EV charging for their customers.  According to the most recent data, over 850,000 hosts in the company’s network now offer EV charging for their guests.  

The company reports that between June and December of 2021, the number of searches by guests looking specifically for lodging options that included EV charging stations doubled to more than 500,000 unique searches.

Individual hosts within the Airbnb network are nothing if not entrepreneurial, and they have quickly connected the dots along with their customers’ new EVs.  This is a simple cause-and-effect calculation that all business owners should easily understand.

To put it another way, when it comes to EV charging stations: Install it, and they will come.  Customers are actively searching for EV charging stations, and businesses that provide that service will see their profits rise.

What All Customers Have in Common: Choice

Airbnb is not alone in noticing a sharp uptick in customers seeking out EV charging stations when making purchasing decisions.  Across the board, in every business sector involving customers who drive cars, EV charging is now officially a service differentiator.

That means that today’s customers are actively exercising their essential prerogative to say “No” to products or services simply because businesses do not offer the convenience of EV charging.  In a world full of choices, consumers have never been shy about their preference for convenience.

Every customer has the ability to say “No” to your business.  Do you really want to give them another reason?

Your customers have options on where to shop. Will they choose you or your competitor?
Source: FSG Media

Business owners as small as individual vacation rental hosts who understand what their customers want have already provided EV charging stations and are seeing their profits rise accordingly.  If EV charging makes sense for businesses serving individual cars, what does that say about your wide-open parking lot?

Are you waiting for a sign?  What, exactly, are you waiting for?  You cannot possibly be waiting for a better opportunity, because current government programs are throwing money at businesses looking to invest in our national charging network.

Rebates and Incentives Will Not Last Forever

Right now, multiple layers of discounts, rebates, and incentives are in place to limit your exposure when investing in your business and installing EV charging stations in your parking lot.  This is precisely the moment to invest in EV charging stations for your business.  

The money will eventually run out, however, and many facility managers and business owners will be left wondering why they waited.  Don’t be that business owner.


Truth Bomb Alert!

At times like these, you might consider that you are a customer, too.  Your business has a choice to make, and just like your customers you can decide not to decide, or just say “No” to EV charging.  This is all within your power.

What you cannot do is say no one told you about the opportunity to quickly and easily install EV charging stations at your place of business.

You really cannot say you never knew you could raise your profits while delighting your customers who, in increasing numbers, are transitioning to electric vehicles.  

And you cannot say you did not know who to call for more information about EV charging at your facility.  FSG is ready to talk to you right now.

FSG Sells and Installs the Best EV Charging Stations

With expertise and experience in the design, engineering, installation, maintenance, and repair of EV charging stations, FSG is a natural fit for local governments and commercial operations looking to improve their EV infrastructure.  With FSG, you can confidently take full advantage of the new federal funding in place to support the growth in electric vehicles.

For business owners with questions, one call to FSG delivers answers. Whether you need general information or site-specific technical details, FSG is ready to provide you with the facts you need to make a great decision for your business.


Concerned with financing options, rebates, and state and local incentive programs?  Give us a call at (877) 293-6689

Are you wondering about passive income opportunities with EV charging, or about the different types of charging stations available to you?  Give us a call at (877) 293-6689.

Do you just want to find out how long these types of projects take to complete?  You know what to do.

FSG is here to answer every one of those questions, and more.  We can provide electrical engineering and design solutions for local governments and businesses, and when the plans are in place we can follow through with industry-leading equipment and installation services that you can trust.

Our experience in the EV infrastructure field will provide the confidence you need to make a good choice for your new EV charging station. We are installing EV charging stations across the country right now, and our experience with these projects is something you can confidently borrow.

FSG stands ready to guide you through the conception, design, engineering, procurement, installation, and ongoing service of your EV charging station.  But what about all the details?  Who can help you understand the details of ongoing operations?


Once again, FSG is the answer.  Our national accounts team and our energy service company (ESCO) team are ready to guide you through the maze of grants, rebates, incentives, and state-level programs that can support your decision to get on board with EV infrastructure today.

Most importantly, know this: Since 1982, our best customers have been those that enjoy an ongoing relationship with our products and services, and who consider us the one call they need to make to get solutions to a wide variety of facility challenges.  We are in business to provide lasting value to your business.

If you are a facility owner who has made the decision to install EV charging stations for your employees and customers, call us today at (877) 293-6689 or contact us online.  

We are working in markets all across the United States, and we can help you make smart decisions that will deliver lasting value to you and your EV charging customers for years to come.

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