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FSG Transforms Fashion Valley Mall Parking Structure and Provides Energy Savings

Fashion Valley Mall is a welcoming open-air shopping center in San Diego, California, featuring more than 200 exclusive stores and restaurants. As part of a recent update, Fashion Valley executives decided to replace lighting in the facility’s parking structure. 292 old 320w metal halide pole fixtures were replaced with 209w LED fixtures. 1516 1X8 F32 Vapor Tight fixtures were replaced with Acuity PGX 47w LED fixtures with integrated photocells and occupancy sensors. Both the ROAM and XPoint Advanced Lighting Control Systems were also installed.

The result? The fixture retrofit is estimated to save 1,063,644 kwh per year, a savings of $159,546. The Advanced Lighting Controls are estimated to save an additional 533,416 kwh per year, which translates to $80,012. Total estimated annual savings? A staggering $239,559!

Perhaps most importantly, however, is the fact that the parking structure is now brighter and safer, with no flickering. The upgrade has also resulted in CO2 reductions of 2,363,640 pounds, SO2 reductions of 25,553 pounds, and NOX reductions of 11,179 pounds. This is the equivalent of removing 214 cars from the road!

The more consistent and environmentally-friendly lighting of the retrofit will be enjoyed by shoppers for many years to come.

To learn more, please enjoy the video.

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