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The Great Fluorescent Phase Out: US State Legislatures Push for Full Transition to LED

Across the country, businesses and facility owners are all feeling the pinch of rising energy costs.  Compounding the problem is the fact that this is occurring during a time of generalized inflation, supply chain disruptions and delays, and dour economic forecasts.

And yet, the news is not all bad.  Even as one indicator after another points toward either doom or gloom, there are positive developments that offer hope for business owners.

For instance, at no point in the past have facility owners had more choices when it comes to energy-saving technologies.  Better still, these technologies have officially moved from the realm of niche, emerging trends, and into mainstream adoption.

An interesting article published recently by the non-profit Energy News Network explained how the state of Vermont has taken the lead in passing legislation that will ban the sale of traditional linear fluorescent lights in the state beginning in 2024.  Energy efficiency advocates are thrilled, and those concerned with some of the safety issues associated with fluorescent lighting are also applauding the new legislation.

Mercury vapor contained inside fluorescent tubes is one of many reasons that fluorescent lighting is being phased out.
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Some business groups initially expressed concern about the pending halt of fluorescent lighting sales in the state, citing cost issues that might pose a challenge to consumers.  However, while the cost of LED lighting is still slightly higher than that for legacy fluorescent lighting, the immediate energy savings delivered with LED make up for the price difference in “as little as two months“, according to the article.   

While Vermont claims the title of first in the nation to outlaw the sale of fluorescent lighting, California and Rhode Island have their own legislation pending and ready to go.  And as is usually the case, good ideas that begin somewhere usually end up somewhere else before long.

So, with these states coming online with new laws supporting LED lighting, business owners can expect to see lower recycling expenses, less mercury exposure, and lower overall operating costs.  Who says there’s no good news anymore?  

And we haven’t even talked yet about the superior quality of crisp, clean, color-tunable LED lighting!

Immediately Lower OPEX with LED Lighting and Modern Controls 

The straight truth is that LEDs are definitely worth the money.  Aside from the fact that it feels good knowing your business is operating with greener, cleaner lighting, electric bills are dramatically lower with LEDs.  They just are.

Commercial property owners will tell you that maintenance expenses also drop when you switch to LED.  The number of times you have to roll trucks and crews to change ballasts and bulbs is significantly reduced with LED technology.  

This fact pays dividends on many levels, saving time and labor, reducing safety issues, and allowing maintenance personnel to focus on more pressing matters they could never finish before because… they were busy changing ballasts and bulbs.

The fixtures alone are a great start, but LED lighting really pays off when facility owners pair them with modern lighting control systems.  Proper control systems deliver:

  • Energy savings
  • Longer fixture life
  • Superior work environment
  • Enhanced worker safety and productivity
  • Maximum security
  • Peace of mind

Choosing the Right Lighting and Control System

Understanding all the different lighting fixtures and control systems available today can be a daunting task.  Many factors impact the final decision to go with one system over another.

The lighting needs of an elementary school are different from the needs of a manufacturing facility or automobile dealership, and no one solution is right for every application.  That’s why facility owners need a reliable resource to call with questions about the most appropriate lighting options for their particular circumstances.

FSG provides and promotes only the best manufacturers and suppliers of lighting and control products. From independent wireless controls to integrated networked systems, we are constantly evaluating and rating the latest lighting products so that you don’t have to.

The size of our national lighting distribution business allows us to leverage our experience with lighting manufacturers and deliver the best products, with the best warranties, to our customers all across the country.

Our knowledgeable professionals are the ideal guides to determining which solutions will bring you the greatest benefit at the best cost. With our experienced field personnel, proven project managers, and industry-best ongoing support, FSG is committed to helping you provide the finest, brightest, most energy-efficient lighting at your place of business.

FSG provides your business with LED lighting solutions to replace your fluorescent lighting.
Source: FSG Media

The Time for LED Is NOW

There may have been legitimate reasons in the past for you to delay the transition to LED lighting for your commercial facility.  Beginning in the months ahead, and depending on where your business operates, you may find that the decision has been made for you thanks to new state legislation outlawing the sale of fluorescent lighting.

Are you worried about financing your lighting project?  We have programs and plans that take the stress out of LED retrofit projects.

Do you wish you knew more about available rebates and utility incentive programs?  We can match you with every available rebate and incentive in your area.

Can you be sure that the lighting products you select for your facility are quality products that will last for years?  By leveraging our long-term association with major lighting manufacturers, you will enjoy the maximum warranty protections available anywhere today.

Will the installation work go smoothly, with minimal disruption of your normal operations?  In a word, absolutely.  And in the unlikely event that there is a problem, FSG will not leave until the job is complete and you are completely satisfied.

We Make It Easy

At FSG, we take great pride in anticipating problems so that we can avoid them altogether.  Our experience with LED lighting retrofit projects allows us to do this and lets us make the process seamless for you.

When you give us a call, we will begin a four-step process that is the same for almost every lighting project we undertake.

1. Design a Solution

Once you contact us, we will go to work designing a lighting solution that meets your particular needs and supports your particular goals.

2. Execute the Solution

Once we have designed a solution for you, our commercial lighting specialists will go to work for you, working with you to minimize disruption to your normal operations.

3. Evaluate the Solution

During the life of the project, FSG will continually evaluate the effectiveness of your lighting solution to make sure it meets your needs and supports your goals.

4. Maintain the Solution

Because we are commercial lighting contractors, we are uniquely qualified to support and maintain the lighting solutions we provide our customers.  You will be able to enjoy the full benefits of your new facility lighting for years to come.

We Are Ready to Talk to You Right Now

When you contact FSG or visit our online store, you’ll immediately have access to lighting and electrical professionals who can walk you through the decisions you need to make about your facility’s lighting.  We’re working hard to be of service to you, and we’re ready when you are to discuss your situation.

If you are finally ready to say “No” to rising prices for legacy lighting technologies, or if the state in which you live has made that choice for you, there is no better time than right now to reach out.  

For individual facilities, multiple properties, or for a large national retrofit rollout, we can walk you through the process from specification to installation, with project management that delivers maximum ROI for your facility. 

Call Us Today at (877) 293-6689 today to find out about how tunable LED lighting and control systems can increase your energy savings while providing the best light you’ve ever had at your facility.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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