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FSG, 35 Years of Excellence

In the September 2017 issue of “Construction In Focus” Magazine, an artcicle by Ryan Cartner highlighted some of the milestones along the way as FSG looks back on the last 35 years and looks forward to what is next.

Facility Solutions Group (FSG) is proud to be celebrating its 35th anniversary. What began as a specialty lighting distributor in 1982 has since expanded into a thriving company providing a broad range of quality services. The primary focus of FSG, from the beginning, has been to create enduring relationships with customers by meeting ongoing monthly maintenance needs and providing service related transactions.

A large percentage of its clientele is comprised of real estate industry professionals. By 1986, FSG knew it wanted to do more than just lighting, and broadened its reach to meet as many of its customers’ needs as it could. That’s why the company branched out into electrical repair and electrical construction. FSG never gave up lighting, but is proud to provide many additional diversified services. Now offering cabling and wireless installation, audio/video services, digital signage, and energy management, FSG’s growth has been steady and impressive, with sales of more than $100,000,000 in 2002, and building to over $500,000,000 in 2016.

The dedication of FSG employees has been key to the company’s upward trajectory and many achievements. The company leaders are fully aware of the important role of all staff members. With 27 brick and mortar locations in the U.S. in addition to satellite offices, FSG operates nationwide and often stretches into Canada and Mexico. The company now employees over 2,220 happy people and counting! FSG’s consistent development is attributed to its four foundational ideas, the pillars upon which the company leaders built their business plan: quality in products, services, and support; quality of life, based on a servant-leadership model; helping partners find paths to achievement; and fair returns on investment for everyone involved in a project.

FSG has a reputation for an ability to leave its “national footprint” by expanding across a company with whom they are partnering, securing opportunities to meet various needs in addition to their initial goals with that company. In response to its standing in the business community, FSG has garnered multiple accolades, including recognition by EW Magazine, The Electric Controller and Manufacturing Company, and Electric Wholesaler Magazine. The company is also known for its pivotal work on AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, and the mind-boggling installation of 2,400 lights in the Lincoln Tunnel between New York City and New Jersey-a project completed in less than two weeks. Less than exceptional is not acceptable to FSG.

ClarityTM is FSG’s energy management system. The ClarityTM System can monitor and track comprehensive energy use across a company. The company can then utilize this data to make changes, and thus maximize its operations and performance. Circle K hired FSG to initiate the ClarityTM System across all their stores, which led to significantly higher efficiency and greatly reduced energy consumption and costs.

FSG has proven itself to be adaptive, evolutionary, and diverse in its approach to offering quality services and building long-term relationships. Known as problem-solvers with a gift for growth and a commitment to integrity, for FSG, failure will never be an option.

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