Proactive Protective Shields for Cushman & Wakefield

Protective shields offer an additional layer of protection for front desk employees, building security, and others who interact with the public regularly. Protective shields can also be built in office spaces between desks, cubicles, and other areas where employees find themselves in close contact.

Protect the Front Desk

Protective Shields, or Sneeze Guards, at the front desk or other counters are simple in design and easy to install. The clear acrylic plastic allows employees to still see eye to eye with customers or guests and have conversations, while minimizing the amount of air exchanged. These can be built with a frame or without a frame to help maintain the look and feel of the building either way.

Protect Security Personel

It’s common to see security and door greeters in the lobbys and hallways in just about every building you walk into. These team members play a vital role in keeping the property safe and making people feel welcome. Standing shields can be put in place for these employees to help lower the risk of catching illness from the public, while still allowing them to see and interact with those that pass by.

Office and Work Spaces

Shields can be deployed in offices and work spaces to help minimize the risk of airborne sickness for people that have to work in close quarters. Shields can be installed between desks, above cubicles, or around tables to help disrupt the airflow and make it harder for airborne illnesses to infect those working in the space.


Made in the U.S.A

Our Protective Shields (“sneeze guards”) are proudly manufactured by FSG in the USA. We are committed to help businesses who want to re-open and keep a healthy environment for employees and customers.

"Sneeze Guard" Base Model, Upgraded Base, or Customized Solutions

FSG has simple pricing available for the base model “sneeze guard” and the upgraded base model (with feet). We can also customize the protective shields to add “windows”, other modifications, including customizing larger models.

Base Model

2 ft. 6 inches high by 3 ft. 11 inches wide. Our base model is perfect for setting on a counter or tabletop. This unit can be moved around and used in different locations as needed.


Plus Model

2 ft. 6 inches high by 3 ft. 11 inches wide. The plus model adds additional stabilization pads on the bottom of the unit. This unit can be mobile, or could be attached to countertop.



Custom sizes and applications are available. Contact our team and tell us a bit more about what you’re looking for and we’ll let you know what we can do to help.


Production Models & Custom Models - Fast Turnarounds

*Custom orders require a $1000 minimum order. The “booth” model and “desk partition” model below are examples of custom shield orders we have built for our customers.

Base Model "Sneeze Guard"


Full Standing Shield


Desk Partitions (custom)


Booth Partitions (custom)


Get More Information or Request a Custom Order

FSG is able to help you find the right solution for protecting your employees while still connecting to your customers. FSG has manufacturing partners and in-house manufacturing capabilities to meet your needs. We can fulfill almost any custom requirements as well. Start by sending us your name and contact details and we can get your order processed as soon as possible.

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